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Want to Cure Your Fear of Flying? There's an App for That.

By Brett Israel
Nov 4, 2009 12:09 AMNov 20, 2019 1:04 AM


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Listen up, iPhone users. If you're a little uneasy flying the friendly skies, don't worry: Richard Branson, president of Virgin Atlantic, will talk you through it. Branson has released a new iPhone app to help you make it through your flight. It's for sale in Apple's app store for about the same price as an in-flight beer. Dubbed the Flying Without Fear app, it features an introduction by Branson himself, a video explaining how flying works, FAQs, relaxation exercises, and an emergency panic button to press for breathing exercises. And it's Whoopi Goldberg endorsed! Mashable has the deets:

The app is based on Virgin Atlantic Airways’ Flying Without Fear course, which supposedly has a 98% success rate. The idea is not bad: anything that can make your mind busy during those awkward moments of liftoff would probably be helpful, and an iPhone app seems like a perfect way to do just that. Richard Branson, president of Virgin Atlantic, claims “the app will put many travelers at ease and enable them to prepare for their first Virgin Atlantic flight.”

However it's unclear how this app will help during the most nerve-wrecking parts of flying—takeoff and landing—since airlines require you to turn off any electronics that have an on/off switch. Guess you'll just have to calm your nerves at the airport bar the old-fashioned way. Related Content: Discoblog: New “Live Happy” iPhone App Claims to Bring iHappiness Discoblog: iChoc: New Chocolate Factory Operated Entirely by iPhone Discoblog: Why Our Oily Fingers Can Never Soil the iPhone’s Pristine Screen Discoblog: Most Offensive iPhone App Ever? “Baby Shaker” Endorses Infanticide

Image: flickr / William Hook

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