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Our Staff

Editorial Director Stephen C. George

Design Director Elizabeth M. Weber


Senior Production Editor Elisa R. Neckar

Associate Editor Alex Orlando

Assistant Editor Sam Walters

Assistant Editor Jack Knudson

Editorial Assistant Samantha Hill

Contributing Editors Bridget Alex, Tim Folger, Jonathon Keats, Linda Marsa, Kenneth Miller, Steve Nadis, Julie Rehmeyer, Darlene Cavalier (special projects) 


Art Director Elizabeth Weber


Digital Editor Erin Berge

Assistant Digital Editor Monica Cull

Staff Writers Matt Hrodey, Elizabeth Gamillo

Social Media Manager Dustin Zick

Contributors Joshua Rapp Learn, Sara Novak, Avery Hurt, Emilie Lucchesi, Gabe Allen, Erik Klemetti, Tom Yulsman


Advertising Representative Kristi Rummel

(608) 435-6220 | krummel@kalmbach.com

Affiliate Marketing & Sponsored Content Michael Wieloch

(262) 798-6225 | mwieloch@kalmbach.com

Kalmbach Media

Chief Executive Officer Dan Hickey

Senior Vice President, Finance Christine Metcalf

Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing Nicole McGuire

Vice President, Content Stephen C. George

Vice President, Operations Brian J. Schmidt

Vice President, Human Resources Sarah A. Horner

Circulation Director Liz Runyon

Director of Digital Strategy Angela Cotey

Director of Design and Production Michael Soliday

Retention Manager Kathy Steele

Single Copy Specialist Kim Redmond

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