The Pros and Cons of Preworkout

By Amber Smith
Jul 7, 2023 11:00 PMJul 8, 2023 6:36 PM
Elm and Rye Pre Workout Blend


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There are a lot of supplements on the market these days, and it can be hard to decide which ones to use and which ones to avoid. One supplement that has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years is preworkout. But what is preworkout, and more importantly, what are the pros and cons of using it? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of preworkout so that you can determine if this supplement is right for you.

Best Preworkout Supplements

  1. Elm & Rye Pre Workout    

  2. Penguin CBD Pre Workout

  3. Naturally Sweetened Pre JYM

  4. Be Empowered Pre Workout 

  5. Hardbody Supplements Ripped to Shredz Stimulant and Caffeine Free Preworkout

  6. Legion Energy Surge Energy Supplement 

  7. ATH Pre Workout 

What is preworkout?

Pre-workout supplements, often known as "pre-workouts," are multi-ingredient dietary solutions intended to increase energy and provide nutrients that help you adapt and improve athletic performance over time. They're generally a powdered substance that can be mixed with water and consumed before exercising.

There are many pre-workout supplements on the market that contain a range of different ingredients. Some common examples include creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, L-Taurine, L-Leucine, and caffeine.

While the specific ingredients and dosages can vary, most pre-workouts share a common goal: to help you train harder and longer by providing energy and delaying fatigue.

What are some of the most common ingredients in preworkout powders? 

Some of the more common ingredients in preworkout powders include; creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, L-Taurine, L-Leucine, and caffeine. 

Creatine Monohydrate:

Creatine monohydrate is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps the body create energy. It's been shown to help improve athletic performance, increase strength and muscle mass, and delay fatigue.

Beta Alanine:

Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that helps the body produce energy. It's been shown to help improve athletic performance, increase muscle mass, and delay fatigue.


L-taurine is a non-essential amino acid that helps the body produce energy. It's been shown to help improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass.


L-leucine is an essential amino acid that helps the body build muscle. It's been shown to help improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass.


Caffeine is a stimulant that helps the body produce energy. It's been shown to help improve athletic performance and delay fatigue.

The effects pre-workout has on your body depends on the ingredient's half-life. The majority of substances in pre-workouts have a half life of 4 to 6 hours. So, you can expect the benefits of taking pre-workout last for approximately 4 hours.

Keep in mind that the ingredients' kick-in time, peak time and half-life when taking pre-workouts. Most people take them around 30 minutes before working out to make sure the effects will last. 

For example, caffeine takes about 30 minutes to work with 1 to 1.5 hours until it reaches its peak performance. Creatine and beta-alanine have a similar timeline of 30-45 minutes before kicking in and an hour until they reach their full potential.

Should I take preworkout every day?

Preworkout is not recommended to be taken every day as you may build up a tolerance to the ingredients, lessening the effectiveness. It's also important to give your body a rest from supplements and preworkout powders contain a lot of stimulants which could have negative effects if taken daily. 

It's suggested that you take preworkout on days that you plan to have an intense workout or when you need an extra boost of energy. For example, if you're planning on doing a leg day at the gym and know it's going to be tough, preworkout can help give you the edge you need to push through and have a successful workout.

Does pre-workout affect you negatively?

According to a research study into people who consume pre-workout on a daily basis, one in four participants reported adverse effects, including nausea, skin rashes, and heart disturbances. However, the study notes that these side effects are most likely more prevalent among those who consume more than the suggested serving amount.

Does pre-workout help gain muscle?

The short answer is: we don't know for sure. Supplement companies would like you to believe that their product will help you build muscle, but the research on this is mixed at best. Some studies have found that pre-workout supplements can increase strength and power, but others have found no significant effects. So, if you're thinking about taking pre-workout, it may be worth doing some more research to see if it's right for you.

So what are the pros and cons of taking preworkout? Let's take a look.

Pros of Preworkout

Here are some pros of preworkout: 

Improved athletic performance

Pre-workouts are intended to increase energy and provide nutrients that help you adapt and improve athletic performance over time. By providing energy and delaying fatigue, pre-workouts can help you train harder and longer. This, in turn, can lead to improved athletic performance.

Increased energy levels

One of the main benefits of pre-workouts is that they can help you feel more energized. This can be beneficial if you're looking to boost your energy levels for a workout or event.

Delayed fatigue

Some of the ingredients in pre-workouts, such as caffeine, can help to delay fatigue. By delaying fatigue, you're able to continue working out for a longer period of time. This can lead to improved athletic performance over time.

Greater focus and concentration

One of the benefits of taking pre-workout is that it can help you to feel more focused and concentrated. This can be especially beneficial if you're looking to boost your focus and concentration for a workout or event.

Cons of Preworkout

Of course, nothing is perfect and there are also some cons associated with preworkout supplements, including: 

Possible side effects from ingredients like caffeine

The potential for side effects from ingredients like caffeine is one of the main concerns with taking pre-workout supplements. Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Anxiety

  • Restlessness

  • Nervousness

  • Increased heart rate

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Irritability

It's important to note that not everyone will experience side effects from taking pre-workouts. However, it's still important to be aware of the potential risks before taking any supplement.

Not all ingredients are backed by science

While some of the ingredients in pre-workouts have been shown to be effective, not all of them are backed by science. For example, beta alanine is a common ingredient in pre-workouts that has been shown to be effective. 

However, other ingredients, such as L-Taurine, have not been proven to be effective and may not provide any benefits. Before taking any pre-workout supplement, it's important to do your research to make sure the ingredients are backed by science.

They can be expensive

Another downside of pre-workout supplements is that they can be expensive. Depending on the brand and ingredients, they can range in price from $20 to $50 per container.

Increased heart rate and blood pressure

Some of the ingredients in pre-workouts, such as caffeine, can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. If you have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, it's important to talk to your doctor before taking any pre-workout supplement.

Not everyone needs them

Preworkout supplements are not necessary for everyone. If you're eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep, you may not need a pre-workout supplement to improve your athletic performance.

Before taking any supplement, it's important to talk to your doctor, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medication. This is the best way to determine if a supplement is right for you.

Now that you know the pros and cons of taking preworkout, you can decide if it's right for you. If you do decide to take a pre-workout supplement, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable brand with ingredients that are backed by science. 

We have a few of our favorite preworkout supplements featured below to help you on your path of learning which preworkout is right for your fitness goals & health: 

1.     Elm & Rye Pre Workout   

Image courtesy Elm & Rye 

This Pre-Workout products contain adaptogen and other proven components to enhance performance, endurance, attention, and strength. The caffeine, beta Alanine, ashwagandha, B12, reishi, and coenzyme Q10 combination is designed to assist with focus during exercise by increasing energy and concentration while also boosting focus and muscular growth.

With this pre-workout supplement, you can push yourself harder in the gym and see improved results. The product is packed with compounds that have been backed by science to help improve energy levels, focus, stamina, and muscle recovery.

2.     Penguin CBD Pre Workout

Introducing Penguin CBD Preworkout, the ultimate companion for those seeking to enhance their workout routines while reaping the benefits of CBD. Penguin CBD Preworkout is a specially formulated supplement designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and promote overall well-being. Each serving of Penguin CBD Preworkout contains a precise blend of high-quality ingredients, including premium broad-spectrum CBD oil. This ensures that you not only receive the potential advantages of CBD but also experience the synergistic effects of other naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid known for its potential therapeutic properties. It may help promote relaxation, reduce stress, and support a healthy inflammatory response, all of which can be beneficial for optimizing your pre-workout routine. Penguin CBD Preworkout harnesses the power of CBD to enhance your physical performance and recovery. In addition to CBD, Penguin CBD Preworkout incorporates a carefully selected blend of energy-boosting ingredients. These ingredients work together to provide you with sustained energy, focus, and endurance during your workout sessions. By combining the benefits of CBD with the performance-enhancing properties of other ingredients, Penguin CBD Preworkout aims to elevate your exercise regimen to new heights. Penguin CBD Preworkout is easy to incorporate into your routine. Simply mix the recommended serving with water or your favorite beverage and consume it approximately 30 minutes before your workout. The delicious flavor options make it a refreshing and enjoyable addition to your pre-exercise routine. Like all Penguin CBD products, Penguin CBD Preworkout is sourced from organically grown hemp and undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure quality, potency, and purity. It is free from THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, making it a safe and legal option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're an athlete looking to optimize performance or a fitness enthusiast seeking to maximize your workouts, Penguin CBD Preworkout offers a natural and effective solution. Elevate your exercise routine with the power of CBD and experience the potential benefits it brings to your physical and mental well-being.

3.     Naturally Sweetened Pre JYM

Image courtesy Jym 

This pre-workout supplement is sweetened with natural ingredients, without artificial dyes or sweeteners, to help you perform your best during workouts.

JYM was founded in 2013 with a mission to set the gold standard for pre-workouts. Its 14 active components provide energy, enhance muscular strength and power, increase muscle pumps, and improve mental drive and focus - everything you need for an intense workout.

Other pre-workouts on the market provide low doses of stimulants that only give you energy and make you feel jittery, rather than providing superior workouts and gains.

4.     Be Empowered Pre Workout 

Image courtesy Be Empowered 

Be Empowered Pre-Workout is ideal for gym-goers looking for a pick-me-up without the negative side effects. They formulated their product with high-quality ingredients like green coffee, green tea, and turmeric to avoid harsh stimulants that can cause skin flush, stomach cramps, or post-workout crashes. You'll feel energetic, awake, and focused when you take Be Empowered Pre-Workout. This supplement will give you the greatest possible workout experience.

If you're searching for a product with synthetic caffeine and stimulants that will make you shake the bar off your shoulders, keep looking. However, if you want to focus on your workout without interrupting your schedule, BeNu Pre-Workout is the ideal companion!

5.     Hardbody Supplements Ripped to Shredz Stimulant and Caffeine Free Preworkout

Image courtesy Hardbody Supplements

This non-stimulant product is designed to give you energy and pumps for an intense workout.

Hardbody Supplements Ripped to Shredz is the ideal pre-workout supplement for those who desire focus, energy, and pumps during their workout. This drink is meant to help you maintain focus, energy, and pump without the use of stimulants or caffeine.

If you are working out and want to see great results without taking stimulants, Hardbody Supplements Ripped to Shredz is perfect for you!

6.     Legion Energy Surge Energy Supplement 

Image courtesy Legion 

Tri-Linetic's Energy Surge is a natural energy pill that improves energy, attention, mood and focus while also lowering stress and tiredness.

Do you want a more health-conscious way to start your morning or get through an afternoon slump? Energy Surge is the supplement for you. Created with entirely natural ingredients, it not only provides a boost of energy, but also mood stabilization and cognitive enhancement.

Energetic Boost is a product of simple science; each element has been examined in a laboratory and included at doses appropriate for clinical use. It's also naturally sweetened and unsweetened (so you can add it to any drink you like) without artificial food dyes or other dangerous chemicals.

7.     ATH Pre Workout 

Image courtesy ATH 

The adaptogenic mushrooms are a key ingredient in Adaptogens Energizer, which not only works to boost endurance but also enhance mental clarity and functions while providing long-term energy without the crash or jitters. Green tea and yerba mate as well as adaptogenic mushrooms improve endurance, increase mental clarity and performance, and offer long-lasting energy - all of this sans any Crash or jitters!

PRE is a wonderful training partner since it contains natural caffeine for mental clarity and focus, long-lasting carbohydrates for long-term energy, and adaptogenic mushrooms to improve oxygen utilization.

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