25 best ED pills in 2023

By Amber Smith
Jul 13, 2023 4:00 AMJul 13, 2023 7:21 PM
elm and rye performance enhancer


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Are you searching for the best ED pills so you can get hard and stay hard? Well if you are, look no further than our list of the 25 best ED pills in 2022. These pills will vary in ingredients and type, but they all work in various ways to get your penis erect.

Yes, that’s right, these ED pills will surely help you get up and get hard this year whenever the moment calls for it. We tried our best to include a handful of options so that you can find one that best suits your situation and desires. Now that you know what this article is all about, let’s dive into the topic of ED, also known as erectile dysfunction …

  1. Penguin CBD Capsules

  2. Elm & Rye Sexual Performance Enhancer

  3. Performer 8

  4. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

  5. Planet Delta Gummies

  6. Green Vein By Santai 

  7. Testogen 

  8. TestoMax 

  9. Prime Male 

  10. TestRX 

  11. TestoFuel

  12. Barbarian XL

  13. Testodren

  14. Hunter Test

  15. T20 

  16. Testo 911

  17. TestoLab 

  18. GNC Men’s 

  19. UME Ultimate

  20. UMZU 

  21.  1st Phorm 

  22. SNAP Nitric Oxide 

  23. Nutricost 

  24. The Sunny D3

  25. Anthony’s Fenugreek Seeds

  26. Life Extension 

What are some natural ways men can improve ED symptoms? 

While the verdict is still out on whether or not any food or other natural remedies can assist in helping with ED, although we’ve heard that the best way to help with erectile dysfunction and get the mood going in the moment is to use natural options like zinc, magnesium, oysters, and other aphrodisiac-type foods or ingredients. 

Between CBD and other potent ingredients, we’ve included a few of the 25 best ED pills that have these natural ways to improve ED symptoms built into their formula. It’s best that you peek at the label of each of the options we’re featuring here today so that you will note which ones are more natural than the others. 

Why do some people need ED pills?

There are a multitude of reasons why a man may need erectile dysfunction pills. While we all know that a healthy sex life is vital for long term relationships, some relationships may dry up later in the game. That’s right; sometimes men just need ED pills because libido has declined with age or long term commitment.

This is of no fault to any one person or particular event, just a part of some people’s lives as they work on being a long term committed couple.  The best ED pills in 2022 will help you feel more passionate and increase penis girth for long lasting bedroom activity with that special someone.

Sometimes men need ED pills because of their age or stress levels. Often times stress or older age can impact the way the blood vessels work in a penis. During this time, these men will often reach for an ED pill to assist in making their penis work better. 

Lastly, you could have a low testosterone level. While low T is something you should have tested at a doctor’s office, some men know their testosterone is just too low so they look into getting the best ED pill to assist in their needs. 

Whatever your reason for wanting ED pills in 2022, we’re confident that not only our list of the 25 best ED pills in 2022 will help you, but the detailed information will guide you forward to have much success in the bedroom again! 

How to Choose the Best ED Pills in 2022

We can’t go any further into the topic until we’ve focused on how to choose the best ED pills in 2022. That’s right, there are some key factors to consider before buying one of the brands we’ll elaborate on below. 

Natural Ingredients

The first recommendation is to look at the ingredients. Make sure that the best ED pill has natural ingredients. You’ll want to get as close as possible to natural ingredients as a means to avoid any serious side effects.

Clinical Studies 

There are some clinical studies completed on many of the ED pills on the market in 2022. These studies and information published to the public will help you better determine if the brand or pill option is right for your situation. Be sure to visit information about any clinical studies on each of the 25 best ED pills featured here today. 


The third thing that we feel is important when it comes to choosing the best ED pills in 2022 is the safety of the product. You’ll want to avoid any supplement ingredients that have risky reviews, or ones that you’re not sure about. Be sure to select an ED pill that’s as close to natural as possible. 

Now that you know more about erectile dysfunction pills, here is more details about each of the 25 best ED pills:

1.  Penguin CBD Capsules 

Image courtesy Penguin CBD

CBD capsules are portable, discreet, and ready to go. Each capsule contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract in MCT oil.

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, is one of the many chemicals contained in Cannabis Sativa. Hemp differs from marijuana because it has a relatively small amount of THC and a large amount of cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a polar opposite of Delta-9 THC in many aspects. It does not produce any "high" or psychoactive effect, for example. Instead, cannabidiol is utilized by your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has receptors throughout all of the body's various organs and systems. When you take CBD capsules, the cannabidiol binds to these receptors and influences the endocannabinoid system.

CBD has been shown in studies to offer a wide variety of potential health benefits. These include reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, relieving pain, and more. This reduction in anxiety can help you relax so that your ED doesn’t keep you from intimacy with your loved one.  

2.     Elm & Rye Sexual Performance Enhancer

Image courtesy Elm & Rye

Elm & Rye’s performance enhancer is among the best ED pills to use this year. This dietary supplement is our top recommended pill for increase libido, relief of mild erectile dysfunction symptoms, and overall improved sexual health. 

You can take this performance enhancer daily so there’s no need to carry the bottle with you. Yes, it’s true! You can easily take Elm & Rye’s performance enhancer every day just to see amazing results in the bedroom within a few weeks of use.

We’re not sure how long it will take to help you with your ED symptoms, as every person is unique in their level of symptoms and such, but we do know that this performance enhancer will help improve your sexual relations when taken regularly. 

3.  Performer 8

Performer 8 is a natural supplement designed to fight ED to give you harder, stronger, and longer-lasting erections. Unlike some supplements out there, Performer 8 is actually proven to stop ED in its tracks and that’s saying something!

The secret is 9 powerful (yet safe) natural ingredients that produce a synergistic blend, empowering you to improve sexual performance, increase libido, and even enhance erectile hardness. Plus, they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee, to ensure that you love it (or get your money back).

4. Full Spectrum Everest 

Image courtesy Everest 

The Full Spectrum Gummies from Everest are said to contain the greatest hemp available in the United States. These gummy sweets are vegan friendly and GMO-free, which appeals to a wide range of consumers.

The concentration of THC in an Everest Full Spectrum Gummy is 5 milligrams, while the CBD content ranges from 25 to 30 milligrams per gummy. The Blue Raspberry gummies are also gluten-free and pesticide-free.

5. Planet Delta 8

Image courtesy Planet Delta

Planet Delta offers you their Non-GMO Delta 8 edibles in gummy form, which are made with superior US-grown natural hemp. Each gummy has 20 mg of Delta 8 THC and each jar contains 30 pieces in five different flavors.

Delta-8 THC is a hemp chemical that has been found to help with anxiety and stress while also helping to relax you. Delta-8 THC's chemical structure is identical to Delta-9 THC's save for the chain of carbon atoms' position where the double bond is.

6.  Green Vein By Santai  

Image courtesy Santai

Research performed by the world-renowned Science Direct found that Kratom improved sexual functionality. The results found 78% of participants had enhanced sexual performance, which has resulted in kratom increasing in popularity.  Buysantai has a great combination of quality ingredients and is manufactured in the US.

7.     Testogen 

Image courtesy Testogen

This best ED pill in 2022 has been created wth science backed ingredients and research. The supplement has been for sale since 1999 and has reviews that show us it’s a worthy option to include in our list. 

8.     TestoMax 

Image courtesy Crazybulk

This booster is proven to increase testosterone levels which can help improve blood flowing to your penis. When this occurs, you get a larger, harder penis so that you can enjoy longer sexual encounters. This is an excellent option to help alleviate ED symptoms so you can have improved sexual health. 

9.     Prime Male 

Image courtesy Prime Male

Next up on our list of the 25 best ED pills in 2022 is Prime Male, Testo Boost Max is specifically designed for men over the age of 30. This is an over-the-counter supplement that’s better than most other options out there to get your T levels up. While you don’t have to increase T levels for an ED remedy, we do recommend this as one of the options to try if the others on our list don’t seem like a good fit. 

10.     TestRX 

Image courtesy TestRX

As the name suggest, TestRX is similar to a prescription-level ED pill ready to help you. TestRX has been around since 2001 and has a unique zinc formula that you’ll only find in this brand’s recipe. 

11.     TestoFuel

Image courtesy Testo Fuel

Coming in next is the most effective testosterone booster out there, Testo Fuel. This amazing booster will help you with ED symptoms when used regularly. The colorful branding means that others won’t think you’re taking any ED pill, nope! They will just assume you’re enjoying some tasty treat. 

12.     Barbarian XL

Image courtesy Zenith Labs

This supplement uses cutting edge ingredients with five all natural components to help with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction symptoms. These ingredients will work together to help you overcome sexual anxiety, soft hard-ons and much more! 

13.     Testodren

Image courtesy Testodren

This medication is the perfect way to get the mood going with a harder penis every time! Check out the ingredients in Testodren and see how well these capsules help your love life! Just take them as directed under doctor supervision, to ensure that the testosterone levels in your body don’t get too high. 

14.  Hunter Test

Image Hunter Test

This supplement is often called The Test and is one of the highest quality options out there for ED pills in 2022. You’ll love that this supplement not only boosts your sexual health and love life, but it will improve your mood and mental resilience across the board. That’s why many people enjoy using this brand; it’s helpful in many areas of your life. 

15.  T20 

Image courtesy Jaylab Pro

This is marketed as a supplement that can help improve blood flow, sexual desire, energy levels and endurance, which means you get relief from all of those symptoms that ED carries. You can use TestoFuel as one of the best ED pill options or select one of the other fabulous supplements for erectile dysfunction featured on our list today. 

16.  Testo 911

Image courtesy Phytage

The company that brought you Testo 911 swears that this ED pill will be the best option out there by far to improve your energy levels. That’s right, you may be able to enjoy longer lasting sexual relationships when you pop these ED pills regularly. Be sure to follow instructions on their label, and do read all of the ingredients to make sure they include safe, natural options for you. 

17.  TestoLab 

Image courtesy Testolab

As we get near the end of our list of 25 best ED pills in 2022, it’s time to share Testo Lab Pro. This will increase testosterone levels, which can occasionally be the cause of ED. While we don’t know your particular situation, we know that boosting T levels can be a great way to help reduce those symptoms frequently brought on by erectile dysfunction. 

18.  GNC Men’s

Image courtesy GNC

GNC men’s Advanced Testosterone is another ED pill that you can use to reduce symptoms of dysfunction in the penis. This will help you have a harder erection, larger girth, and a longer lasting sexual relationship. Just give this supplement with its verified ingredients a try to see if it’s the one for you today!

19.  UME Ultimate Male Extreme

Image courtesy UME

This best ED pill is a supplement that improves blood flow. When you improve your penis blood flow, then you find your erectile dysfunction symptoms minimized. That’s right! You can use this performance supplement to get results as soon as possible. Just take as directed on the bottle and review the ingredients to ensure it matches what you wish to put into your body to help with ED. 

12.  UMZU 

Image courtesy Umzu

This is a supplement that will work with your body’s natural testosterone producing capacity to ensure that you get the vitamins, minerals, and herbs for maximum hormone performance. This means your blood flow, mood, and penis ability will all improve when you take this product regularly. 

21.   1st Phorm 

Image courtesy 1st Phorm

Next up on our list is 1st Phorm’s Primal T. This will aid in testosterone development to ensure your ED symptoms don’t get in the way of making sweet love to your beloved partner. When you use this supplement with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will soon see erectile dysfunction symptoms subside. Then you’re free to enjoy healthy sexual relations as often as possible. 

22.  SNAP Nitric Oxide 

Image courtesy SNAP

This delightful supplement will help improve your health so you can have more nitric oxide. This is the component that improves blood flow and blood flow is necessary for maximum penis hardness. That’s right; this supplement focuses on the nitric oxide component that creates issues with your sexual health, including erectile dysfunction. 

23. Nutricost 

Image courtesy Amazon

One step closer to the end of our list of the 25 best ED pills in 2022 and we have this one. This brand is found on Amazon so it’s easy to buy and quick to get your hands on. These capsules contain 3,000 mg of high quality DAASHIN per serving and are among some of the purest supplemental options for erectile dysfunction symptoms out there today. 

24. The Sunny D3

Image courtesy Care/Of

So few people think of Vitamin D3 levels when it comes to erectile dysfunction, but vitamin D levels can mess you up if they’re low and if they’re too high. That’s why we’ve included Care/of D3 supplement in our list of ED pills today. You can improve your sexual health by getting your D levels up to regularly ranges to ensure maximum health, in and out of the bedroom. 

25. Anthony’s Fenugreek Seeds

Image courtesy Amazon

Fenugreek is a highly nutritious herb with uses in both culinary and cosmetic applications. These golden brown seeds have an earthy fragrance but a delicious flavor that no other plant can compare to.

26. Life Extension 

Image courtesy Walmart

DHEA is a critical hormone that has numerous functions in the body. As we age, our DHEA levels decrease, and supplementation may be beneficial in maintaining hormonal balances such as immune system strength and moods, as well as assisting with the development of lean muscle mass for more energy.

Will the best ED pills in 2022 help me be better at workouts?

The answer to whether or not the best ED pills in 2022 will help you improve your workouts will really depend on which option you go with. For example, Elm & Rye’s performance enhancer was created with this type of situation in mind.

They made their supplement with ingredients that will help you with ED and improve your energy levels, thus creating a fabulous option to use for workout improvements. The testosterone boosters we’ve included are another option for improving your energy and focus during the workout sessions you may be taking part in right now.  

What age does a man stop getting a hard-on?

We know that it’s a sensitive subject, but alas, sometimes we have to discuss the difficult topics; such as erectile dysfunction. This issue happens to more men than you may realize. It also occurs earlier in age than most realize.

Men of all ages and as young as in their 30s have experienced issues with getting a hard-on. That’s why we’ve featured these 25 best ED pills in 2022 to buy. We want men of all ages and income levels to afford an over-the-counter option for erectile dysfunction. We do hope that our list has inspired you to see just how many options there are. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve shared the 25 best ED pills in 2022 and discussed the uncomfortable topic of ED, sexual health, and improved testosterone levels, we will leave you with a good luck and hopeful wish that life turns around for you soon. 

We’re confident that at least one of these 25 options featured above will be the best option to improve your sexual health this year.

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