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Today is Earth Day

Cosmic Variance
By cjohnson
Apr 22, 2006 11:28 PMNov 5, 2019 8:08 AM


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It is Earth Day today! So go out and do something......earthy, ok? Have a look at this (from Hecate, the blog of, um.... a good witch):

So, it's finally here! All the Earth Day gifts are heaped under the Earth Day tree, while all the old familiar Earth Day songs play softly in the background. In just a little while, the children will wake up and gather round to hear the Earth Day story, unwrap their Earth Day gifts, and look inside their Earth Day baskets to see what Gaia brought them. Then, the whole family, all three or four generations, will head off to church, or temple, or synagogue, or grove and give thanks for our lovely Earth on Earth Day. Finally, everyone will head to Grandma's for the traditional Earth Day feast, followed by naps, football, and lots of happy family time together. Truth to be told, you're almost glad that all the fuss is over. Earth Day ads have been on the radio and tv for months and it seems as if every year, Earth Day gets more and more commercialized and we move farther away from the true meaning of Earth Day.

Read the full post here (apologies for linking you to a post with a title with salty language, but the point she makes in the rest of the post about commercialism -or not- of holidays is worth reflecting upon from time to time). But seriously folks, do pop your head into your neighbourhood and see if there are any Earth Day events going on. Join in one. Happy Earth Day. -cvj P.S. Consider making every day Earth Day.

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