This Tree Has Written You a Letter. Good Luck Reading It.

Visual Science
By Rebecca Horne
Jun 18, 2010 9:03 PMMay 21, 2019 3:44 PM
tree drawing
Tree Drawing, Hawthorn on Easel #1 (part one of diptych)


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Artist Tim Knowles uses external forces to create his artworks through processes outside his direct control. About the "Tree Drawings" series Knowles writes: "These images are produced by trees, most of which are located in England's Lake District. I attach artist's sketching pens to their branches and then place sheets of [paper] in such a way that the tree's natural motions--as well as their moments of stillness--are recorded. Like signatures, each drawing reveals something about the different qualities and characteristics of the various trees as they sway in the breeze: the relaxed, fluid line of an oak; the delicate, tentative touch of a larch; a hawthorn's stiff, slightly neurotic scratches. Process is key to my work, so each Tree Drawing is accompanied by a photograph or video documenting the location and manner of its creation."

Tim Knowles is one of the many thought-provoking artists featured in rich and satisfying new book from Gestalten, Data Flow 2.

Images courtesy Gestalten, "Data Flow 2"

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