By Keith Kloor
Jan 27, 2011 2:41 AMNov 19, 2019 8:17 PM


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I see there's a climate confab happening in Lisbon (I never got my invite). Something about reconciliation. I also see that the fate of the free world hangs on this meeting:

The very survival of our democratic form of government is at stake...Climategate is our wake-up call: We are on the slippery slope that leads to the tyrannical government described in "1984"³.

Despite the endless amusement I derive from such comments, this is the kind of nuttery that I'd like to see Judith splash a little cold water on at her site. Sure, it might lower her traffic by half, but isn't one of the goals of her blogging enterprise to establish some common ground? How do you do that with anyone who thinks a small band of climate scientists are ushering in an era of world tyranny? Speaking of common ground, it seems that breaking bread is one of the main strategies of the Lisbon confab, according to one of the participants:

I'm a strong believer in the power of getting disputants to sit down and eat together. It's hard to be impolite to someone who just passed you the bread.

Really? I've never been to a family gathering that wasn't impolite on some level. And that's putting it politely.

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