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Leave Nature Alooooooone

Cosmic Variance
By Sean Carroll
May 29, 2009 12:02 AMNov 5, 2019 8:19 AM


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This might be my favorite Atrios post ever:

Exciting Maps With Lots Of Colors Play around with maps at the H&T Affordability Site. Not very surprisingly, people who live (for example) in the city of Philadelphia drive less and have lower vehicle carbon emissions per household. Though not surprising, there is a weird tendency to equate environmentalism with being near nature when in fact the enviornmentalist thing to do is LEAVE NATURE ALOOOOONE and live a modestly-sized place in an urban hellhole with decent mass transit. (via the overhead wire) Though I live car free in my urban hellhole because I don't need a car and like my urban hellhole, not because of environmental concerns.

Sadly my own carbon footprint is presumably enormous, even though I live in an urban hellhole, because I drive an aspirational vehicle and fly around the world a lot. If I were prone to feeling guilty about things, I'd definitely feel guilty for that. But I make up for it by giving talks in Second Life, so I'm pretty sure everything is balanced.

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