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Doomsday Chronicles, cont'd

By Keith Kloor
Jan 26, 2011 1:13 AMNov 19, 2019 10:01 PM


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This might be true:

The United States continues to slumber while a catastrophe lies in wait. Increasing numbers of analysts and policymakers are warning of another super price spike for oil and the likelihood of "peak oil" more generally.

But I wish the author good luck with this:

It is time for public discussion of this issue to reach the same prominence as climate change. Indeed, many solutions to these "twin crises" are the same because reducing petroleum dependence will ameliorate peak oil and climate change.

One way to kickstart such a conversation on peak oil would be for President Obama to mention it tonight during his State of the Union Address. You can stop laughing, now. Yeah, I know: that's as likely as him delivering a 2 minute call-to-arms mini-speech on climate change. (But I still half-expect something on green jobs and energy security. Hey, the guy's gotta throw a bone after throwing Browner out the door.) And even then, the discussion would be over by Friday, supplanted by the start of week-long Super Bowl hype. What might trigger a national conversation on peak oil? Well, everybody knows what that would be, right?

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