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Are They Crazy & Heartless?

By Keith Kloor
Sep 9, 2011 10:14 PMNov 20, 2019 3:57 AM


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Never mind that East Africa is reeling from drought and famine, if you're with Greenpeace and you have an anti-GMO tic, this is what you worry about:

Olivia Langhof of Greenpeace Africa, based in Johannesburg, echoes the concerns of other critics in saying that even in the face of a dire need to feed human beings, GM is not an adequate answer. She says in addition to being unnecessary, it doesn't address the underlying causes of the devastating humanitarian crisis. 'What completely falls in the gap in the current discussion"”because so many people are dying"”is how we stop this [kind of drought] from happening again', Langhof says. "˜No government in Africa should fall into the trap into the agri-busniess industry because that is really selling out their food security and farmers'.

First of all, good luck with stopping drought from happening in a drought-prone region (did she really mean that, or did the reporter misinterpret?). Secondly, is there no end to this madness? H/T: Mark Lynas

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