2007: The Global Hurricane Year

The Intersection
By Chris Mooney
Dec 21, 2007 1:25 AMNov 5, 2019 10:20 AM


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[Tracks of storms in the Northwest Pacific basin, 2007.] Okay--I realize the year isn't over yet. But I figured it was close enough to start compiling some data on global hurricane activity. Using a cutoff of 35 knot maximum sustained wind speed to identify a storm, here's what I get if you use the Unisys database to look at activity up through yesterday (and there is nothing new today):

Atlantic: 15 Storms, 2 Cat 4-5 (Dean, Felix) Northeast Pacific: 11 Storms, 1 Cat 4-5 (Flossie) Northwest Pacific: 25 Storms, 7 Cat 4-5 (Yutu, Man-Yi, Usagi, Sepat, Nari, Wipha, Krosa) South Pacific: 10 storms, 0 Cat 4-5 South Indian: 17 Storms, 3 Cat 4-5 (Dora, Favio, Indlala) North Indian: 6 storms, 2 Cat 4-5 (Gonu, Sidr) TOTAL STORMS: 84 TOTAL CAT 4-5: 15

As I explain in my latest Storm Pundit column, we are pretty clearly on track for a below average year for the most intense hurricanes. It doesn't look like there's much that can change that now. One year is not a trend--but 2007 certainly doesn't help you make the argument that global hurricanes are getting more intense.

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