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Tut-Tutting at Tut Tat

Cosmic VarianceBy cjohnsonNov 18, 2005 7:20 AM


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Well, after the wonderful and exquisite treasures on the inside of the exhibition (see my earlier post), which I was not allowed to photograph, I was funneled into the gift shop.

A glance told me that I had to linger there and take some photos of the truly spectacular tat (junk) that they are selling there. Some of it is just such great tat, and I wanted to share it with you.

Top of the list is the King Tut wine rack. It is just priceless.

I was tempted to get one for our resident wine expert, JoAnne. But luckily, I could not afford it. These things are shockingly expensive. Then there were these wonderfully awful pens. There were Mummy ones, Anubis ones, and Tut ones (column right). I admit that these would be wonderful for kids. I thought about getting one for myself to use as a sort of "ironic" statement, but couldn't make up my mind whether anyone but me would get the joke.

There were lots of other things, such as ties of various sorts with designs of spectacularly poor taste, paintings of the artifacts, plastic crowns and head-dresses that you could wear, scepters and crooks, etc. Maybe some of this stuff was good, and you actually bought it. I don't mean to offend... I did not look for very long, and may have missed some treasures amongst the other stuff. I'll spare you the details of the other stuff, and instead show you this collection of...tut-dolls. Wonderfully the point of being cute, in fact. (Also good dolls for kids, though.....) Yeah, I know. I'm some sort of snob, and I'll get hate mail about this. Sorry. But I should say that I loved the stuff too, because it was so tasteless and to their credit, they made no pretense at it being anything other than it was: Really expensive tat. Tut-tat! -cvj

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