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Cosmic VarianceBy Sean CarrollOct 19, 2009 1:19 PM


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I'm in the middle of jetting hither and yon, talking to people about the arrow of time. (Wouldn't it be great if I had a book to sell them?) Right now, as prophesyed, I'm at the Quantum To Cosmos Festival at the Perimeter Institute. They're extremely on the ball over here, so every event is being recorded by the ultra-professional folks at TVO, and instantly available on the web. So here is the talk I gave on Saturday night -- a public-level discussion of entropy and how it connects to the history of our universe. Yes, that's a pretty suave picture of me on the image capture. What can I say? I'm just one of those lucky folks with an effortless magic in front of the camera. _stwVar["player"]= "generic_singlev2";_stwVar["width"]= "600";_stwVar["height"]= "425";_stwVar["autostart"]= "0";_stwVar["skintemplate"]= "stw_dark";_stwVar["clientid"]= "2121";_stwVar["clientcheck"]= "9Huudq3";_stwVar["mediaid"]= "570901";_stwVar["lang"]= "en";_stwVar["activesprinkler"]= "0";_stwVar["clientname"]= "perimeterinstitute";_stwVar["mediafileid"]= "893391";embed(); If you prefer to get your talks about entropy unadulterated by voice and motion, and don't mind a more technical presentation, I've put the slides from my recent Caltech colloquium online. These are aimed basically at grad students in physics, so there is an equation or two, and the caveats are spelled out more clearly. But the punchline is the same.

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