NCBI ROFL: What's worse than a new driver? A new driver in a fancy car.

DiscoblogBy ncbi roflSep 29, 2010 4:00 AM


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Effects of inferred social status and a beginning driver's sticker upon aggression of drivers in Japan. "The present study examined how inferred social status [e.g. a fancy car] and a beginning driver's sticker influenced aggressive drivers' behavior on the road in Japan. A 2 x 2 x 2 factorial design was constructed to examine the effects of social status of an experimental car (high or low), with a beginning driver's sticker or no beginning driver's sticker, and a male or female driver. Analysis showed that horn-honking latency in the sticker condition was longer than that in the no-sticker condition in the low status car. In the high status car, the horn was sounded sooner in the condition with a beginning driver's sticker. A beginning driver's sticker promoted aggressive behavior oward a high status person, whereas it inhibited aggressive behavior toward low status individuals. Thus, response to a beginning driver's sticker appears to vary according to inferred social status."

Photo: flickr/k4cay

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