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December Science Calendar

Dinosaurs, robots, state parks and much more science is on tap for December.

By Elisa Neckar
Nov 27, 2013 6:00 AMNov 12, 2019 6:35 AM
Screenshot from Walking With Dinosaurs 3-D | BBC Earth


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December 1: “Act Aware” on Red Ribbon Day by educating yourself about HIV, one of the worst pandemics in history.

December 5-12: Brooklyn hosts the Philip K. Dick Film Festival, featuring winning science fiction that humans and replicants alike will enjoy. 

December 6:Edison Awards Deadline — Innovation and impact are the name of the game as entrepreneurs, engineers and marketing visionaries compete.

December 6: After trekking through the Northern Hemisphere’s skies since May, Venus shines its highest and brightest tonight before disappearing into the sun’s glare in January.

December 18: Spike Jonze directs the movie Her, a love story between Joaquin Phoenix and ... his computer operating system. No, Siri-ously.

December 20: Walking With Dinosaurs 3-D Opens — Computer-animated pachyrhinosauruses grow up, make friends and migrate against a live-action backdrop filmed partly in Alaska. Produced by BBC Earth.

December 27-30: Museum All-Star Week — Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences celebrates its most popular attractions. Don’t miss Weird-Thing-in-a-Jar Day.

December 31: Think you’re the next Ansel Adams? Snap a photo on federal recreation land and submit it to the “Share the Experience” contest before today’s deadline.

You’ve Got a Certain Glow About You — Dec. 21, 1898: The Curies discover radium. At the time of the Curies’ achievement, the health risks of radiation exposure weren’t known. Marie even kept radium salts on her bedside table — not a good choice of night lights.

Outstanding Science Books for Kids — Take science beyond the lab with these great reads that integrate history, math, visual art, poetry and plenty of hands-on activity ideas. Selected by the National Science Teachers Association.

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