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The Loom
By Carl Zimmer
May 17, 2007 7:35 PMMay 21, 2019 3:18 PM


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Why don't I blog more? In part because I'm busy reading other blogs. I finally got around to adding some of my favorite science blogs outside the empire to the blogroll over on the left side. Allow me to take a moment to introduce you to them.

The Anti-Toxo: A blog about every new paper or article on Toxoplasma, the resident parasite here at the Loom. If you want to understand our parasitic overlords, this is a must read.

Center for Science Writings Blog. John Horgan, veteran science writer, now runs the Center for Science Writing at Stevens Institute of Technology. Lots of good stuff on the blog.

El Gentraso: British science writer John Whitfield, who has been wandering the weird fields where thermodynamics meet life.

Evilutionary Biologist: Biologist John Dennehy is not actually evil. I particularly like his homages to classic papers. Get your history of science!

Genomicron: T. Ryan Gregory, Canadian biologist who works on genome size evolution.

Greg Laden: U Minnesota anthropologist and battler against creationists.

Heliophage: Science writer Oliver Morton's latest blog, tied to his new book on photosynthesis.

hpb etc.: History and Philosophy of Biology. Those who don't know history in science are doomed to erroneously claim they thought of things first.

John Hawks Anthropology: University of Wisconsin anthropologist's blog. Plenty of news on human evolution, plus potent takedowns.

Knight Science Journalism Tracker: The Knight Science Journalism Foundation's Charles Petit funnels all the good science journalism (at least the stuff that appears in newspapers) into one place, along with commentary from time to time.

Panda's Thumb. One-stop shopping for antidotes to creationism.

RealClimate. A paragon of scientist-written blogs. Delivers science on climate change.

Red State Rabble. News from Kansas.

Sandwalk. Canadian biochemist Larry Moran.

Science Made Cool. Diane Kelly first made a name as the world expert on the biomechanics of penises. Seeking new fields of conquest, she's starting up a company called Zygote Games to develop smart science games for kids. The one I'm looking forward to is, of course, Parasites Unleashed.

Sex Genes and Evolution: John Lodgson, a biologist who studies exactly those three things.

Small Things Considered. I first met Moselio Schaechter through a common interest in obscene mushrooms. Schaechter is also an authority on Escherichia coli, and he kindly looked over the manuscript of my new book on that subject. Now he's blogging on all things microbial.

Steven Johnson: Author of The Ghost Map and other books on the meeting of science with culture.

synthesis: Rob Carlson, synthetic biology visionary. Sporadic but always interesting.

This Week In Evolution: Does the University of Minnesota actually require their biologists to blog? Because there are an awful lot of them that do. Anyway--R. Ford Denison, who studies how fungi  bacteria and plants interact, takes thoughtful looks at new evolutionary research.

The Tree of Life. UC Irvine Davis genome guru Jonathan Eisen blogs on his passions--metagenomics, phylogeny, and open access.

That's all for now. I'm too lazy to add the links in the post--just scroll down to the blogroll to check them out. And please don't forget to come back to the Loom!

(Title stolen from Marshall Crenshaw)

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