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Politics: A Dialogue

Neuroskeptic iconNeuroskeptic
By Neuroskeptic
May 6, 2012 5:44 PMNov 5, 2019 12:14 AM


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"There's no point in voting. All the parties are the same."

"Hang on. Are you saying the Communists are the same as the conservatives? And that they're both the same as the Nazis?"

"Well, I meant all the main parties are the same.""OK. But what's a main party?"

"A party that gets most of the votes, of course."

"Right. So by saying the main parties are the same, you're saying that most people broadly agree about politics."

"Erm... yes, but when you put it that way it seems much less fun. Anyway, I for one reject the discredited status quo and support..."

"...the Nazis."

"No! How dare you call me a Nazi?"

"You effectively are behaving as one. You're not voting against them. Which has the effect of helping them."

"That's ridiculous. I like Schindler's List as much as the next guy. I hate Nazis!"

"Just not enough to do the one thing they don't want, to vote against them."

"Erm... look, don't blame me. Blame mainstream politicians. They're the ones who've made people disillusioned. They're out of touch, and don't understand everyday people like me."

"They understand you well enough to convince you to vote for them, or at least not against them. Well enough to make you believe that they'll always be in power, that they are the natural leaders. I think they understand you all too well."

"That's not what I mean. I want people like me to be in power."

"Well, run for office then."

"Ha! I'd lose."



"Because people like you, wouldn't vote for you."

"That's crazy. Of course I'd vote for me."

"Would you? Someone like you was probably on the ballot, as an Independent or a minor party candidate, but I bet you didn't check. You just decided there was no point, because he would never win."

"And I was right!"

"Don't you see the problem? You're only right, because people like you think you're always going to be right. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that you'll lose. That's the problem with your party!"

"My party? I'm not in a party!"

"You are, you just don't know it. A party is a group sharing common interests and beliefs. There are lots of people like you. Everyone is in a party; some of the parties are just badly organized, and don't get any votes or representatives."

"Because we don't want power!...wait...or do we?"

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