Beer and Present Danger

Cosmic Variance
By Mark Trodden
Feb 2, 2006 7:42 AMNov 5, 2019 8:07 AM


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As I settled down to watch the State of the Union address yesterday evening, I realized that, ideally, I'd have a couple of drinks to get through it. Now I realize that I wasn't ambitious enough! My title is shamelessly stolen from the headline of this story in The LA Times, which was pointed out to me by a very good friend in Rhode Island. It's a pretty funny opinion piece documenting a drinking game that can make the address more tolerable. There are some funny suggestions, such as

Also drink when the president winks, nods and points at someone in the audience in rapid succession; drink each time he refers to 9/11 or uses the word "nuke-u-lar," and drink something bitter when he says that "the state of our union is strong."

and possibly my favorite

Drink each time the president begins a charming anecdote about some folks from a small red-state town; drink twice when the camera cuts to said folks. If the president reports that his chat with these fine people made it clear to him that the administration's current course is the proper one, drink half a beer, then tell the person sitting next to you that it's clear to you that your current course toward inebriation is the proper one as well.

Man, I wish I'd seen this before the speech started. Seriously though, the characterizations of the President's mannerisms are pretty good.

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