Do you last longer when high? Full guide

By Amber SmithJun 3, 2023 3:00 AM
Penguin CBD


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For centuries, cannabis (or marijuana) has been used medicinally and recreationally. This begs the question: how does it affect sexual performance? Popular culture often perpetuates a misconception that marijuana helps people last longer during sex. Indeed, some users may report enhanced pleasure while under its influence - however, there's more to consider when discussing this complex subject! Join us as we dive into what modern research can tell us about cannabis' effects on our bedroom activities.

Best Products To Use to Get High

  1. Penguin CBD Gummies

  2. Elm & Rye Libido Gummies

  3. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

  4. Planet Delta Gummies

  5. Santai Kratom

  6. Cannaburst

  7. HighonLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint

  8. Kikoko Sensuali Tea

Cannabis and Sexual Performance

Since ancient times, cannabis has been regarded as a natural aphrodisiac. Nowadays, research suggests that both men and women may experience heightened sexual pleasure and desire when using it in moderation. Nevertheless, there appears to be a tipping point between too much or too little use: according to one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, frequent consumption is actually linked with decreased satisfaction levels! So if you're looking for an extra spark during your intimate moments – consider giving cannabis a try - but maybe not every day…

Cannabis can have differing effects on sexual performance depending on the dosage, method of consumption, and timing. Taking higher doses could be more intense while smoking may create a distinct experience than consuming edibles or vaping ahead of time might bring its own unique impact too!

Cannabis and Lasting Longer

Cannabis may have the potential to improve sexual performance, but it's important to understand that there is limited research available on its effects. For some users, cannabis could reduce anxiety and stress during sex; this can lead to increased endurance for those struggling with premature ejaculation. On the other hand, cognitive impairment or decreased motor coordination from using cannabis can hamper sexual activity and make lasting longer more difficult. Additionally, dry mouth and reduced lubrication caused by marijuana use might cause discomfort or even pain during intimacy - making any purported benefits of using cannabis a double-edged sword!

Other Factors to Consider

Everyone's sexual performance and lasting power will inevitably be affected by various factors during their lifetime. These can include age, health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, medications they take on a regular basis, mental health concerns like anxiety or depression, and lifestyle habits such as smoking or lack of exercise. If you're concerned about any issue that is impacting your sex life it could be beneficial to have an open dialogue with your healthcare provider for targeted advice.

Products to Use To Get High

Want to see if you will last longer when high? These are the best products to use to get high:

Penguin CBD Gummies

Looking for a way to last longer when you're high? Penguin CBD Gummies can help! These delicious gummy treats are infused with CBD, offering long-lasting relief when you need it. Not to mention, they're some of the tastiest and highest quality gummies out there. Plus, Penguin CBD's commitment to transparency means all their products are independently tested and come with full lab results, so you know exactly what's in your product. Give them a try today and see how much better your high lasts with the help of Penguin CBD Gummies.

Elm & Rye Libido Gummies

Elm & Rye Libido Gummies offer a convenient and effective way to last longer in the bedroom. Unlike traditional products, these delicious gummies are THC-infused to help with an overall sense of well-being while allowing users to last longer during intimate moments. Made with organic ingredients, they’re great for those looking to try something new without having to worry about any adverse effects. With each jar containing 30 servings, you can be sure that you'll have plenty of libido-boosting energy whenever you need it!

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

Everest Full Spectrum Gummies are perfect for those looking for a discreet, long-lasting option to enjoy their daily dose of the highest quality hemp! Combining organic ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower lecithin with full spectrum hemp distillate results in gummies that last longer when high, so you can experience the effects to their fullest. They come in packages of 30 and each gummy is 10mg, offering customers the perfect way to control their dosage and maintain consistency. Unlike other types of hemp products, these gummies are fast-acting and provide a pleasant taste too!

Planet Delta Gummies

Planet Delta Gummies are the perfect snack to take along on any out-of-this-world adventure. Deliciously infused with natural flavors, these gummies last longer when stored at a higher altitude- so if you’re looking for a treat that can remain fresh and delicious wherever you go, look no further! Whether you're at home or up in the clouds, Planet Delta Gummies is here to make your snacking routine more enjoyable.

Santai Kratom

Santai Kratom is an exceptional herb that offers long-lasting effects. People who use Santai Kratom often note the sensations last longer than those of other herbs, allowing them to experience the full impact of a high while feeling energized throughout its duration. As an added bonus, it doesn't produce any unpleasant side effects. That makes it sought after by those looking for alternatives to traditional herbal remedies, or just a more enjoyable way to relax or spend time with friends and family. If you're looking for something to help you last longer when high, Santai Kratom is your go-to choice!


Cannaburst is a revolutionary new product designed to maximize your cannabis experience. Unlike traditional edibles, this edible energy shot is made with pure cannabinoids, giving you a longer-lasting, deeper high. Created by veteran cannabis chefs and infused with natural terpenes and other canna ingredients, Cannaburst's proprietary formula prolongs the effects of cannabis while keeping you energized and alert. If you're looking for an intense high that lasts longer than usual, then Cannaburst may just be the perfect choice for you!

HighonLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint

HighonLove Dark Chocolate Body Paint is sure to tantalizingly sweeten things up in the bedroom. Boasting all-natural, organic ingredients and a smooth, delicious taste that lasts longer when high - thanks to its proprietary formula containing hemp seed oil and MCT oil – it's a must-have for adventurous couples looking for new ways to spice up their love life. As an added bonus, because this body paint is vegan, you can feel good about indulging guilt-free.

Kikoko Sensuali Tea

Kikoko Sensuali Tea is a unique tea blend designed to provide an uplifting, mood-enhancing experience. Made using all-natural ingredients like kava root, maca root, and hemp-derived terpenes, this special elixir helps bring the user into a deeply meditative and calm state of mind. Taking a few sips of this tea results in a pleasing and soothing feeling that can last between 4-6 hours. Those looking to last longer while high will appreciate the fact that you can spread out the effects by drinking small amounts at regular intervals. Once you’ve finished your cup, it won’t be long before you start to witness the powerful effects provided by Sensuali Tea!


Cannabis can have a profound effect on sexual performance, as it has both positive and negative implications. While some may find that the relaxing qualities of cannabis reduce anxiety and improve endurance in bed, others could experience cognitive impairment or decreased motor coordination which hampers their enjoyment. It's important to take into account all variables when considering how cannabis affects you so talk to your healthcare provider if you're having any issues related to sex after using marijuana!

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