Compare Luxury Hotel Bedding Bundle Sets to College Dorm Room Bedding Package Alternatives

By KJ Callihan
Aug 3, 2022 5:00 AMAug 3, 2022 7:43 PM


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There’s a reason top bedding brands aspire to be like hotel bedding companies – the five-star experience of top hotel bedding is memorable and keeps people coming back for the comfort and relaxation they know awaits. But being able to replicate the experience in your own home bedroom? Absolutely priceless! 

We have looked into the matter and found some of the top bedding bundles to compare in hopes to help guide your shopping. Hotel bedding bundles have a lot to offer, but lesser known and other brands make up for it with additional sizing options, impressive technology, and other options. 

Then we look at what would be the best cheaper alternative option so that college kids on a budget can afford hotel like living but for the college dorm room.

Luxury dorm room bedding packages are a great way to make sure that you have everything you need for your dorm room. This can be a difficult time in a college students’ life, so making sure that you have the best sheets and pillows is essential. It is also important to make sure that your mattress protector is protecting your mattress from spills and stains.

We've put together a list of great advice for the best dorm room bedding package on the market today for college students. We've included our favorite picks for sheets, pillows, topper and mattress protector to check off your bedding shopping list.

Here are the top hotel bedding and brand bedding bundles reviewed and compared with a few alternatives:

The Hilton Hotel Stripe Bedding Set Bundle

What is in it?

  • A down comforter

  • 2 soft feather and down pillows

  • 2 firm feather and down pillows

  • A Hotel Stripe Sheet Set

  • A Hotel Stripe Pillow Sham Pair

  • A Hotel Stripe Duvet Cover

  • 4 pillow protectors 

  • A mattress topper


  • Provides hotel quality comfort

  • Offers selection of firm and soft pillows

  • Comes as a full set in King, Queen, and Full sizes


  • No cooling options offered 

  • Expensive 

Cost Comparison: 

Westin Hotel Bedding Bundle Set

What’s in it?

  • A complete sheet set (flat, middle, fitted) with 200 thread count

  • 4 pillowcases

  • 2 feather and down pillows

  • 2 down alternative pillows 

  • A boudoir pillow and cover

  • A down alternative duvet insert and down cover

  • A down blanket

  • A bed skirt


  • Gives a high-end look and feel to your bedroom

  • Several options for pillows and more

  • Offers a high thread count to the sheet set 

  • Available in Full, Queen, and King sizes


  • Pricey 

  • Not available in Twin or Twin XL sizes

Cost Comparison:

On the site, you’ll see the price of the Westin Hotel Bedding Bundle Set costs between $1,651 and $1,816. 

Marriott Hotel Signature Bedding Set 

What’s in it?

  • A sheet set (fitted and flat)

  • 2 pillow shams

  • A duvet cover

  • A down duvet comforter

  • 2 pillowcases

  • A mattress topper

  • 4 pillows

  • 4 pillow protectors 


  • Sheets are 300 thread count for optimal comfort

  • Offers a full set for Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes

  • Comes in a noticeably classic design 


  • Not very affordable

  • No cooling options available 

  • No Twin or Twin XL size

Cost Comparison:

On the Marriott site, you’ll note the price for the Marriott Hotel Signature Bedding Set ranges between $1273 to $1469. 

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Why are hotel sheets so comfortable? 

According to the Sleep Foundation, hotels favor sheets with a high thread count primarily due to their softness and resistance to pilling. Most hotel sheets have between a 250 and 600 thread count. 

Is a high thread count actually a plus or a negative?

Sheets with a high thread count can actually act as a thick cover to prevent your mattress from staying cool, and would therefore be considered a negative for hot sleepers or anyone wanting to cool off overnight. 

How can stains be avoided on hotel sheets?

Many fresh stains can be handled by first running cold water over them for at least 15 seconds and attempting to wash them out this way. If needed, add a mild laundry soap to the mix and scrub, then rinse under the cold running water once again to check the stain. If still set, try using OxiClean or a peroxide-based detergent to remove the stain. Most hotels wisely use white sheets so that they can be stain-treated and possibly bleached without ruining the color. 

Why do hotels use flat sheets instead of fitted?

If you’ve ever attempted to press or fold a fitted sheet, you’re familiar with the challenge. In an effort to keep things simple while also preventing wear and tear, hotels typically opt for using only flat sheets

Not in the market for hotel bedding bundle prices? No worries. There are alternatives. Some of the best include:

A few alternatives with more affordable prices 

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GhostBed Supernatural Bedding Bundle 

Photo Courtesy of

What’s in it?

  • 2 shredded GhostPillows

  • Luxury GhostSheets

  • GhostProtector 


  • Available in sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, CalKing, and Split King 

  • Easy to wash

    , with long term durability for both home and hotel use

  • Purchased in large quantities by busy AirBnBs for superior washability 

  • Comes with cutting edge cooling technology to help sleepers stay cool 


  • Has a few fancy options missing

Cost Comparison:

  • For about a third of the price of top hotel brand bundles at only $333, (with current sale prices), you’ll get a full Supernatural Bedding Bundle from GhostBed–with all the comfort and top cooling technology available in every size. 

*Get 30-40% off with the currently running sale 

25% OFF Bedding Accessories

40% OFF NEWSupernatural Bedding Bundle

40% OFF College Dorm Essential & UpgradeBundle

With back-to-school time just around the corner, another option gives college students a great bundle for the dorms. We found numerous college dorm room bedding packages available and whether you’re packing up a college or care package, GhostBed’s Dorm Essentials Bundle makes the perfect addition to the dorm room. (For some students, it might be wise to grab two bundles so one can be used while the other is in the wash (or at home waiting to be washed by mom!) Be sure you’ve got your bundles early enough for summer orientation week, too.)

What’s the best material for Airbnb sheets to dry fast for turn over?

While some sheets can be bulky and hard to dry, sheets for hotels and Airbnb must dry quickly during times of fast guest turnover. One great fabric that meets this need is tencel, which is a type of rayon. Tencel dries quickly (impressively so!) and has moisture-wicking properties that make it great at preventing bacterial growth–ideal for hotel and Airbnb sheets overall. GhostBed sheets, for example, integrate Tencel into their fabrics for these very reasons. It’s also eco-friendly, plant-based, and offers excellent breathability. 

GhostBed Dorm Essentials Bedding Bundle Set

What’s in it?

When you opt for the GhostBed Dorm Essentials Bedding Bundle Set, you’ll get:

  • A sheet set in either grey or white,

  • 2 shredded memory foam pillows

  • A GhostProtector 

*Get 30-40% off with the currently running sale 


  • Comes with innovative cooling technology to keep even the hot sleepers cool 

  • Shredded memory foam pillows offer a cushy spot for resting a tired student head 

  • Includes luxury sheets with Supima cotton 

  • Antimicrobial and waterproof GhostProtector keeps bedding dry and bacteria-free


  • No shams or duvet inserts/duvet covers

Cost Comparison:

For a fraction of the price of luxury hotel bedding bundles, this set comes with everything a student could need and then some. At $284 (current sale pricing), this price point really can’t be beat. When choosing color, most GhostBed customers go for the grey (about 80% of them do, anyway). It’s easy to use in almost any color scheme as it’s very neutral. It also comes with a warranty to boot. The rest of the customers select white sheets, which we’ve already explained are easy to keep clean and stain-free. 

GhostBed Dorm Upgrade Bedding Bundle Set 

If you’re looking for a few more features of high-quality bedding at an affordable price, check into the GhostBed Dorm Upgrade Bundle for your aspiring graduate.

What’s in it?

When you purchase the GhostBed Dorm Upgrade Bedding Bundle Set, you’ll get:

  • A memory foam mattress topper

  • A 2-pack of shredded GhostPillows, standard size

  • GhostSheets in size Twin XL, color grey

  • A bonus GhostBed t-shirt 

The upgrade includes a mattress topper to make that dorm bed a lot cozier for your favorite student. The topper has three inches of plush fabric and GhostBed’s signature cooling innovation throughout. Additionally, it’s waterproof and works as a mattress protector to boot.

*Get 30-40% off with the currently running sale 


  • Offers bedding in the perfect sizes for dorm living

  • Excellent quality bedding 

  • Comes with cooling technology to keep students cool as they sleep

  • Affordable price


  • Has a few less features than hotel bedding bundles

Cost Comparison: The GhostBed Dorm Upgrade Bedding Bundle gives you several sizes (Xtra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Xtra Large), at the same low price of $433 during the current sale. 

Keep your Bundle in Top Shape with a Mattress Protector 

To keep the college dorm room bedding sets you purchased in top shape and stain-free, a mattress protector is always wise. While there is one included with the GhostBed Dorm Upgrade Bedding Bundle, you can also opt to purchase the company’s latest mattress protector separately:

Photo Curtesy of

The GhostProtector, a Cool & Crunch-Free Mattress Protector 

The GhostProtector offers an antimicrobial waterproof barrier with a soft and cushy knit top for added comfort in seven sizes including the college dorm bedding Twin XL size (the most popular dorm size). This mattress protector is designed in the USA and comes with a two-inch elastic band to hold it in place on your college dorm room bedding.

Since GhostBeds’ Mattress Protectors come with two-inch elastic bands, there is no need to zip them on like some protectors. This allows for a more comfortable, seamless set of sheets for optimal relaxation. 

Spruce up the Dorm Bed with a Cozy Mattress Topper

Photo Curtesy of

If you’re not into bundles (or even if you are and just want an extra item), consider giving your dorm dweller the experience of the GhostBed Memory Foam Topper. Also available in seven sizes including Twin XL, this mattress topper brings three inches of cushy thick gel memory foam with cooling and contouring properties. It’s also zoned into three sections for optimal comfort and doubles as a waterproof mattress protector. 


Should I spend a little more to get a high-quality bedding bundle or just keep things simple and grab a cheap one from a big box store?

You’ll get a much better value if you go for the high-quality item, some of which even offer a five-year warranty.

What are some superior fabrics for bed sheets?

High thread-count sheets, as we discussed, can offer both pluses and negatives, depending upon how much time you’ve got to spend washing, stain-treating, and otherwise caring for sheets. They can also mean a less breathable mattress that locks in heat, which doesn’t work well for hot sleepers or anyone trying to cool off overnight. 

Some other superior fabrics that work well for bed sheets include Supima cotton and Tencel. Supima cotton is super soft and plush, great for durability (lasts for several years normally), guaranteed to be grown in the USA, and good for allergy sufferers as it’s dust mite, mildew, and mold resistant. Tencel, also called lyocell, is a natural moisture-wicking, soft, breathable, and long-lasting as well as less likely to shrink with washing and drying.

GhostSheets Photo Courtesy of

Where is the best place to buy college dorm bedding

Buying online can be a great option for students (and others) as it saves time and the bedding bundles can be delivered straight to your residence hall entrance or possibly even directly to your dorm room. You can support local businesses both ways, as well as avoiding big box stores if you choose to do so – but online shopping, for things like mattresses, also offers White Glove delivery (in some cases) where the delivery includes setup of the new items and removal of the old one. 

What are my financing options when I buy college dorm bedding?

Lots of online stores offer financing through companies like Affirm, so you don’t have to pay everything up front when you purchase. Sites like GhostBed also offer Amazon, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay for payment options.

We hope this guide has been helpful in assisting you with your bedding bundle choices, whether you’re purchasing for the home or dorm room. Keep in mind that prices often fluctuate, so you can stay informed by clicking the links provided to check in on currently offered rates and any updates on sales going on. Stay tuned here for more on bedding and sheets in the near future!

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