Charity Pitches

Cosmic Variance
By Sean Carroll
Jun 21, 2011 5:27 PMNov 20, 2019 4:45 AM


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Don't worry, we're not asking for money. Admittedly, that's what usually happens when the word "charity" appears, i.e. at our Donors Choose challenges. But now I have a whopping $100 burning a hole in my pocket, due to my plucky third-place finish in the 3 Quarks Daily contest. Back when I was a struggling grad student or post doc, this would have gone straight to pay for Ramen noodles or whatever. But now that I am a faculty member who lives in a nice house and drives a fancy car, I can pay it forward a bit. Thus, I'm going to take the $100 and match it myself, donating $200 to charity. (Yes I know, the big spender. Hey, it was only 3rd place.) There are plenty of charities I know about already, but I thought that since these ill-gotten gains were based on the blog, I should ask the blog for advice. So in comments I'd like to get your pitches for a worthy cause I might not have heard of. The winner -- in a contest judged only by me -- will get the $200. It will be most effective if you leave both an explanation of why this charity is so great, and a link to an easy way to donate. Of course there is a hidden agenda here -- while I'm giving away this huge pile of money, anyone else who reads the list is welcome to be inspired to donate as well. No pressure, except that you would be a better person and feel good about yourself. Pitch away.

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