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Bizarre New Treadmill-Bike Lets Gym Rats See the Outside World

By Smriti Rao
Apr 6, 2010 1:10 AMMay 5, 2023 2:42 PM


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If want to go out for a jog outside but don't want to get your sneakers dirty, here's a unique solution for you. Now you can work out to your heart's content on the new treadmill bike, a treadmill that has been rigged up to a bike--to offer a workout that can only be described as unnecessarily complicated. Describing the contraption, The Red Ferret Journal writes:

Built with rugged design and all-terrain tires, this 2-wheeled wonder will take you anywhere a standard bicycle will, and give you a great cardiovascular workout with the burn of that walking treadmill you’ve got a love-hate relationship with in the gym.

Gizmag reports that by taking the workout outside, the machine makes sure you are buff and not bored:

The Treadmill Bike is for people who love the feel of a treadmill beneath their feet but don’t want to be stuck inside pounding away when it’s a beautiful day outside. Bicycle Forest [which sells the machine] says the creation has the same fat-burning benefits of a conventional treadmill without the gym membership fees (although you do have to buy the bike).

Treehugger adds the bike is good for people who don't actually like being outdoors.

"The Treadmill Bike's hard wearing belt offers a sure grip while protecting your feet from dirt and other contaminants commonly found on the earth's surface."

And by "contaminants on the earth's surface," they mean dirt and dust and in some cases, depending on where you're running, horrifying crushed bugs. Treehugger writes the machine sells for $2,500 Canadian, which seems like a lot of money just to fight boredom and to keep your sneakers clean. Here's a video of the treadmill bike in action. Related Content: Discoblog: Want More Oxygen for Your Workout? Pony Up $2700 for This Backpack 80beats: No Shoes, No Problem? Barefoot Runners Put Far Less Stress on Their Feet 80beats: Scientist Smackdown: Are A Sprinter’s Prosthetic Legs An Unfair Advantage? DISCOVER: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sports Technology DISCOVER: Athletes On the Edge: Sword Swallowers, Arctic Swimmers, and Human CannonballsImage: The Red Ferret Journal

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