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Talk GMOs to Me

By Keith Kloor
Aug 10, 2012 5:28 PMNov 19, 2019 9:59 PM


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HuffPo's minky in-house science blogger talks GMOs with a plant geneticist. (Hey, you don't title your show/column"Talk nerdy to me" if you look like Ann Ramsey in Throw Momma from the Train.) The scientist who was interviewed says the science blogger knows her stuff. I agree. I watched it about 12 times. Then I moved on to her other "Talk Nerdy to Me" videos. (I had to catch up!) In other GMO-related news, did you know that "genetically engineered corn is so tough on equipment that farmers switch to kevlar for tractor tires" and that genetically engineered foods are making you fat? Finally, a real reason to label GMO foods! One last thing: Via John Fleck, who talks nerdy to his New Mexico readers, I learn that survivalists will not be turning to GMO seeds to help them ride out the apocalypse. On that note, if you ever want to go full in on that doomsday stuff--or just keep up to date as the world is collapsing around you--hook up with these folks. There's even a weekly column at their site that explores

the psychology of change and the heart and soul of Collapse

GMO-free seed vaults. Psychotherapists who teach you how to embrace the collapse of civilization. You can't make this stuff up.

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