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Frosty Day

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By Tom Yulsman
Jan 13, 2015 11:12 AMNov 19, 2019 8:28 PM


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Frost crystals on a pine cone and needles. (Photograph: © Tom Yulsman Pic(s) of the Day Today was — in a word — frosty. I don't mean simply cold, because here along the Front Range of Colorado it wasn't all that bad today. I mean literally frosty. Rime ice frosty, to be more precise. I discovered this during a walk late in the afternoon at the foot of the mountains on the west end of Boulder, Colorado. For much of the day, the slopes just west of town were enveloped in freezing flog. Water droplets in this fog were actually cooled below the freezing point of 32ºF (0ºC). Pushed by the breeze, these droplets froze on contact with grasses, pine cones and needles, and other forms of vegetation as well. The image above shows the result. It is today's Pic of the Day installment. And since I fell behind yesterday, I thought I'd include a couple of other images I shot during my perambulations today as well.

A rocky outcropping and trees near the entrance to Bolder Canyon. (Photograph: © Tom Yulsman) As you can tell, this one is not straight out of the camera. I processed it to emphasize the dramatic silhouette of rocky outcroppings at the entrance to Boulder Canyon, as well as the delicate tracery of branches from nearby trees. The image below also is interpretative — by no means an act of photojournalism:

Conifers and freezing fog, Boulder, CO. (Photo: © Tom Yulsman) The freezing fog breathed in and out of the valley I hiked in this afternoon. You can get a sense of it in the image above. And with that, I've caught up on my Pic of the Day feature — and then some. But there's more to come...

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