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Enviro China Lust

By Keith Kloor
Jan 22, 2011 7:31 PMNov 20, 2019 2:42 AM


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It just amazes me how some greens continue to entertain the notion that authoritarianism might be better for the future of humanity than democracy. Two years removed from a historic election, in which a black man was elected president of the world's longest-lasting democratic government, try wrapping your mind around this question posed at Grist:

Is China's quasi-dictatorship better prepared than our mess of a democracy?

There are a few messy facts that China's enviro admirers conveniently ignore when they conduct this kind of thought experiment. I could tick off a bunch but I'll simply state the most obvious. In China, you can't pose a question like this on a popular website: Is America's aging, flawed democracy better prepared for the 21st century than China's corrupt, quasi-communist dictatorship? Or you'd think that green fans of China might at least ask themselves that question and wonder, which system would I like to improve on? Of course not. Greens despairing over global warming lust after China the way guys drool over supermodels in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The fantasy is further indulged in the enviro mind with weirdly skewed comparisons like this:

Is a nation ruled somewhat autocratically by engineers and scientists better equipped to confront the 21st century than a nation that has always been suspicious of intellectuals, a nation increasingly ruled by the checkbooks of lobbyists and the entrenched industries they represent?

This is, to be charitable, "somewhat" amazing.

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