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3 Best Reusable Water Bottles To Buy Right Now

By Peter Robinson
Mar 17, 2021 5:00 AMMar 17, 2021 6:34 PM
Best Reusable Water Bottles


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What’s the harm in grabbing just one single-use plastic bottled water to quench your thirst? Not much on an individual level. But multiply that globally and there are nearly 1 million plastic bottles purchased every minute. That’s a lot of plastic.

Companies will keep packaging water in plastic until consumers demand sustainable alternatives. The power is yours with the choices and purchases you make. Let’s face it, plastic isn’t good for your health (hello, microplastics found in everything now) or the environment. So what’s a thirsty person to do?

Whether you’re looking for bottled up purified water, bubbly water or pH balanced alkaline water, there are significantly better options to grab than plastic. Want the convenience of a bottled water without the plastic? What about the sleek look and feel of a refillable water bottle at a fraction of the cost? The future of bottled water is here and it’s a hybrid of those options: PATH. Here are the three best bottled waters that you can find on-the-go or to stock up at home.

1.    PATH Still Water

Made in the U.S., PATH is the first infinitely refillable and 100% recyclable bottled water in a sturdy aluminum container. What sets PATH apart from other brands is that the aluminum bottles are designed to be refilled or can be fully recycled, unlike plastic. Each sleek 20oz or 25oz bottle is filled with responsibly sourced, ultra-purified water that goes through a meticulous seven-step reverse osmosis process. Insider tip: if you’re a bottled water addict, PATH is the easiest option to retrain your brain to refill instead of tossing into the recycling. Grab a case of PATH and keep refilling and reloading your fridge for quick on-the-go hydration.


Single bottles: $2.29 (20 oz), $2.99 (25 oz)

9-pack: $21.99 (20 oz), $26.99 (25 oz)

2.     PATH Alkaline Water

Looking for a boost of electrolytes? PATH Alkaline includes specialty electrolytes with a final pH of 9.5+. No other functional electrolyte drinks have the capability of refilling like PATH. The sleek black brushed-aluminum finish and minimalist design allows you to refill in style at home, at the gym or on-the-go. No alkaline water dispenser? No problem. Fill up with regular filtered water to keep your hydration levels going.


Single bottles: $2.29 (20 oz), $2.99 (25 oz)

9-pack: $21.99 (20 oz), $26.99 (25 oz)

3. PATH Sparkling Water

Toast the day with the champagne of water! PATH Sparkling is delicately carbonated, offering effervescence for any occasion. Sure you can crack open a can of sparkling water and feel good about recycling it, but this blue bottle beauty is meant to be refilled with regular purified water or your favorite household soda water machines.


Single bottles: $2.29 (20 oz), $2.99 (25 oz)

9-pack: $21.99 (20 oz), $26.99 (25 oz)

Bonus: Bottled Water Accessories

Who knew reusing could look this good? When you become a pro at choosing to refill your bottle instead of tossing it in the landfill (or recycling), you’ll want to dress up your already sleek bottle with convenient bottle accessories.

4. Swing Cap ($3.99)

Easily hold on to your Pathwater bottle wherever you go with these custom swing top bottle cap closures. Each has a pivoting handle for easy carry or use to attach to your backpack so you can stay hydrated all day long. Available in Pathwater Blue, Black and White.

5. Bottle Sleeve  ($5.99)

Keep your Pathwater bottles cool all day with these custom water bottle sleeves. Each has a nylon handle for easy carry or use to attach to your backpack so you can stay hydrated wherever you go. Available in Pathwater Blue, Black, White, Aluminum Gray, and Plum.

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