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Weird Science Roundup: Dead Space Monkeys and Suicidal UFOs

By Allison Bond
May 29, 2009 8:59 PMNov 5, 2019 8:50 AM


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• Forget Graceland: If you’re in Huntsville, Ala., be sure to visit the graves of spacemonkeys Able and Baker, the first monkeys to survive a space flight. You can find the graves easily—they’re strewn with bananas. • If you’re reading this, you have a UFO to thank—at least according to a Russian scientist, who claims an alien spacecraft saved earth from an approaching meteorite by smashing into it a century ago. • To test whether beer or a joint does more damage to driving skills, researchers got students drunk, or high on marijuana. The results? Stoned drivers drive significantly slower than drunk ones, but—surprise!—both groups drove less safely than their placebo’ed peers. • Think you’re smart? Not compared to this 16-year-old Iraqi. It took him only four months to solve a math problem that had been baffling academics for 300 years. Related Content: Discoblog: Did An Alien Octopus Destroy a British Wind Turbine? Discoblog: Can Scientists Put All the Good Parts of Pot in a Pill? Discoblog: Where No Film Has Gone Before: Star Trek Screened in Space

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