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Cosmic VarianceBy Julianne DalcantonJan 29, 2009 6:29 AM


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Oh. My. It seems that in between administering grants, some personnel at the NSF have been watching porn. A lot of porn. While at the office. Politico reports:

In one particularly egregious case, the report says one NSF “senior official” was discovered to have spent as much as 20 percent of his working hours over a two-year interval “viewing sexually explicit images and engaging in sexually explicit online ‘chats’ with various women.”

As a result, Senator Grassley is threatening to hold up the NSF's share of the stimulus package.

Grassley’s office has asked the foundation to turn over all “specific reports of investigations, audit reports, evaluations and information supporting the examination of the NSF network drive” by Thursday in an effort to “ensure that NSF properly fulfills its mission to strengthen scientific and engineering research, and makes responsible use of the public funding provided for these research disciplines.” “The semiannual report raises real questions about how the National Science Foundation manages its resources, and Congress ought to demand a full accounting before it gives the agency another $3 billion in the stimulus bill,” Grassley said.

I'm sure this is comedy gold, but, I can't seem to get past "Ick" and "Ugh".

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