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The Loom Weaves Onward

The Loom
By Carl Zimmer
Dec 11, 2012 9:33 PMNov 20, 2019 3:10 AM


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I've got some blog news. Starting next week, I will be publishing the Loom with National Geographic Magazine. I'll be part of a new blogging team there, collectively called Phenomena. I'll be joining three gifted writers, all of whom I've been fortunate to know for a number of years: Virginia Hughes, Brian Switek, and Ed Yong,. I've had a great time blogging at Discover over the past four years. Highlights have included arsenic life, science tattoos, hounding George Will for bogus climate claims, and, of course, duck penises. Blogs work best (for me at least) as a place to play, rant, chat, and experiment; I'm grateful to everyone at Discover who helped me use the Loom for these ends--especially the web team of Amos Zeeberg and Gemma Shusterman, who held back the ocean of technical glitches that is always threatening to crash on a blogger's head. And I am, of course, most thankful to you, for reading these posts and sharing them with your friends. I've gotten to know a lot of interesting people through the comment threads, some of whom I've even met in person. (On a related note, I'm also grateful to Discover editor-in-chief Corey Powell for inviting me to write a brain column when I moved the Loom here, and to editors Pam Weintraub, Eric Powell, and Siri Carpenter for their guidance. Next month's column will be my last. You can read some of my favorites in my two ebooks, Brain Cuttings and More Brain Cuttings.) I'll be publishing a few more posts here this week, including one with the final url and RSS information for the Loom's new home. And then I hope you'll follow me onward at National Geographic.

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