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Transhumanism is a preposteriously broad topic. I can't hope to keep up with all the news, but I can try to keep y'all abreast of the best of it.

  1. Model implantable artificial kidney getting tested. Make sure you pay your bills or expect the repo men.

  2. Locked-in patients get another new way to communicate - MIND SPEECH.

  3. "Delusions of Gender." Everything you think you know about male/female brains is wrong.

  4. Progeria (early, rapid aging) has been linked to normal aging. Solve one, help solve the other (maybe).

  5. Your brain has a pretty flexible idea of what is actually a part of your body.

  6. Three arguments for the consciousness of cephalopods - Annalee Newitz condenses Mike Lisieski's essay defending the intelligence of these aliens in our backyard. Add them to the list of animals with partial personhood.

  7. Five Ways to Well-Being - Wanna live longer? Live better.

  8. A Victorian Era prosthetic arm (pictured) is on display at the Science Museum, London. Ash and his boomstick are unimpressed.

  9. Hollywood is redesigning humanity! Transhumanism is in vogue.

  10. E.O. Wilson attacks selfishness as an evolutionary force.

  11. The top 20 essential science fiction TV shows [Scifi 101] - part of io9's Sci-Fi University, these shows are required reading if you're gonna really enjoy this blog.

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