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NCBI ROFL: Stinging in the oral cavity caused by ingestion of the sperm bags of a squid: a case report.

DiscoblogBy ncbi roflJun 20, 2012 1:21 AM


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It's vacation time! NCBI ROFL will be on hiatus until July, but we wanted to leave you with one last ROFL to tide you over. Enjoy!"We present a case of stinging in the oral cavity caused by ingestion of the sperm bags of a squid. The patient experienced severe pain in her oral cavity immediately after eating raw squid. When she was examined at our hospital, we found that several small whitish spindle-shaped stings were stuck to the mucous membrane of the hard palate. A biopsy was performed, and the whitish stings were removed as well. We also performed a histological examination of the remaining part of the raw squid brought by the patient. The biopsy showed that the sperm bags of the squid had thrust into the squamous epithelium of the patient. The remaining part of the raw squid consisted of the testis and the sperm bags. After removal of all stings, the pain reduced, and the wound healed in due course. Larva migrans and anisakiasis are infections known to be caused by consumption of raw seafood. Although the condition reported here is relatively rare, doctors should also keep this condition in mind for patients reporting pain after eating raw seafood." Bonus figure from the main text:

Thanks to Lis for today's ROFL!

Photo: flickr/briansuda

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