I've got your missing links right here (07 July 2012)

Not Exactly Rocket Science
By Ed Yong
Jul 7, 2012 9:00 PMNov 20, 2019 4:11 AM


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Higgs special, with bows on A particle not unlike the Higgs boson was discovered to rapturous applause. No really, a room full of people applauded like it was a sports game. It was brilliant. One guy said “I was overwhelmed by the data analysis” and started choking up a bit. We were two seconds away from someone chucking their panties at the boson and then fainting. Here’s a roundup of some coverage I liked: Serious stuff

Silly stuff:

Other top picks If you care about science, you absolutely have to listen to Alice Bell’s wonderful 15-minute long speech on what science literacy really means and the joy of saying “I don’t know.” It’s witty, faultlessly delivered, and absolutely spot on. Or try here for non-UK people. With typical wit, Sally Adee takes apart the nonsense of electrosmog. Bonus points for The Day Today reference We can "deliver a clot-busting drug directly to a site where a clot is, without knowing where it is." Very cool tech. David Eagleman’s great essay on how our brains perceive time and why the time-as-river metaphor is dead. A robot with a plutonium heart & rock-vaporising lasers will climb a Martian mountain. This interview, by Ross Andersen, is riveting, life-affirming, punching-the-air-for-humanity stuff. Anaesthesiology looks like a hotbed of scientific fraud. Actual problem, or statistical cluster? A Japanese anaesthesiologist just broke the retractions record with 172 fraudulent papers! Behold: the shadow of a single atom. AWESOME Dave Hone has the best piece about Sciurimimus, the feathered dinosaur that does NOT mean that all dinosaurs had feathers Meet the incredible colour-changing tortoise beetle, with its defensive anal fork. By Bec Crew. Compelling: why low intelligence and the genetics of stupidity are the more interesting questions. Genetics study reveals 79 potentially new species of sharks, rays. But it means that some existing species could be endangered-er. Time-lapse of Earth from space. Buy huge TV, sit right up to it, put this on, pretend you're Superman. Behold the four-headed penis of the echidna. Science/news/writing Aw, dinky! Meet Bellubrunnus, the cutest pterosaur you'll see all week. 6 people sue one of world’s largest stem cell companies for misleading them about effectiveness of stem cell treatments. They’re all called Lee, as is their lawyer. Only some are related. Nat Geo Wild has basically decided it would be funny to teach baboons to raid human houses. It’s not funny, folks. ‘Made for PR' neuroscience, by Vaughan Bell "The fish with genitals on its head". The National Trust is promoting Creationism. Unbelievable. Their update does nothing to assuage my anger over their weasel words. "Judge for themselves"? Standard teach-the-controversy nonsense. Carl Zimmer has a new iPad app on evolution. And it's free Shameful. Normal cells are helping cancer cells to dodge chemo. Treacherous quislings! Prejudiced people slowest to recognize faces from other races. 1 in 5 children will experiment with paleontology. As parents, you should know the signs We can now sequence a foetus's genome from just his mum's blood "The skull of a baby [Neanderthal] emerged from a photocopier-sized machine." 3-D printers are revolutionising science Indonesian zoo aims to stub out orangutan's smoking habit Antarctic moss grows on ancient penguin pooUnusual Bridges For Animals - Wildlife Overpasses Meet patients to get your motivation back All the canned responses you'll ever need to deal with the internet’s angry hordes. If you liked my interview with Uri Simonsohn – the data detective behind a recent case of fraud in psychology – you might also like Martin Enserink’s coverage of the story, with reactions from other psychologists. "Ladybird mimic" spider is all kinds of evil Inadvertently funny headlines from the Dept of I Didn't Know That GM cotton in India -> larger yields, greater profits, better living standard for farmers I'm sorry, did you say "spray-on rechargeable batteries"? You did! <rubs eyes> My piece for The Scientist on nanoparticle-loaded moisturisers that could help to treat skin diseases by smuggling gene-silencing molecules into skin New global network to track the acidification of the oceans The rubber hand illusion transcends colour of skin. Bonus: lead scientist is called Manos. Lego Turing machine can do anything your Macbook can (in theory). Giant crocodile breaks size record [for captive crocs] Oxytocin: is it really a trust hormone? (Spoiler: no) Maybe we should choose who to trust Carl Zimmer tries out some "brain drinks", grows Leader-brain and goes on a rampa… oh, wait. Nothing happened. Do people go on at you about left-brain-right-brain bollocks? Show then this piece. These undersea robots will search for Amelia Earhart's planeHeh/wow/huh Best weather forecast ever. 10 stunning animated GIFs that will restore your faith in GIFs Do you want an “accessible, non-technical" intro to angular momentum? Wikipedia, er, apparently has you covered. NOW YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. Sloth photobomb The Higgs Boson news was almost eclipsed by this groundbreaking paper about… er… Big Bosoms. FORGET THE HIGGS! This was the story of the decade. US forced to deny existence of mermaids. Sigh. This Onion article nicely sums up how I feel about most "science literacy" discussions. The very first video of a human birth seen in an MRI. See the part where the baby goes back in for a bit? Yep. Betcha didn’t know that could happen. Internet/journalism/society Most thrilling obituary you’ll read this year: Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld. Or "The Dread Count Robert" to his friends. Very clear explanation of the Barclays LIBOR scandal by Sunny Hundal. Nature wins its libel case against Mohamed El Naschie. News catsColumnist fired for churnalism, sues ex-employer. Glad to see more people are realising that churnalising PR copy is just institutionalised plagiarism. Disguising Swiss military installations behind rocks The Oatmeal wins its ridiculous clash with Charles Carreon Storify of a debate from the UK Conference of Science Journalists about whether science journalism is special compared to other beats. Facebook rolls out new icons for same-sex marriage Maybe we should stop calling smartphones phones. I call mine “Master”. Western writers expect plots to centre on conflict. It doesn't have to be so

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