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Daily Data Dump - Wednesday

Gene ExpressionBy Razib KhanJun 30, 2010 6:46 PM


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Psychological Research Conducted in 'WEIRD' Nations May Not Apply to Global Populations. This is the standard objection to psychological studies in terms of the representativeness of their samples; middle class university students. But more broadly they're Western middle class university students. The grandmother factor: Why do only humans and whales live long past menopause? Interestingly the data and model here imply that the importance of disproportionate maternal grandmothers (this is empirically attested in even notionally patriarchal societies) may have something to do with patrilocality. Ghana's unique African-Hindu temple. In some ways this seems to replicate the non-congregational model found in India, whereby locals seem to be patronizing the temple for its "services" is a non-exclusive fashion. The Myth of the Fat Burning Zone. This is in the "news your can use" category. Why won’t those &$*%#@ bloggers go away? Scott Sumner's response to a criticism of the "econosphere" from a professional economist. I doubt that engineers worry about engineering bloggers talking about stuff they don't know about. Economics is hard, but many of us who are not averse to giving due respect to professionals who have a real understanding of how the world works have shifted our assessment on the empirics of late. The econosphere would disappear in its current critical form if economists either toned down their pretensions, or actually showed us the money.

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