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Daily Data Dump - Thursday

Gene ExpressionBy Razib KhanSep 16, 2010 5:45 PM


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Detecting positive natural selection from genetic data. "I’ve tried to avoid the alphabet soup of acronyms for tests for selection in the above discussion." Eminently readable. A New Power Broker Rises in Italy. An article about the Northern League. The inclusion of Tuscany indicates a "broad church" vantage point. An indication of the mishmash of policies (from an American perspective): "It is openly hostile to illegal immigration, an increasingly loud theme both in Italy and Europe. One Northern League deputy provocatively threw a pig’s head on the ground where a mosque was planned, defiling the lot. Popular among agricultural workers, it is fiercely opposed to genetically modified crops and European legislation that it fears would inhibit local food traditions." Seems some Italians are blaming rising obesity rates on Chinese GMOs. Kill Whitey. It’s the right thing to do. "While self-described conservatives more readily accepted the sacrifice of Tyrone than they did killing Chip, the liberals were easier about to seeing Chip sacrificed than Tyrone." You can get a summary of the original research here, though not methods or raw results. CEO Behavior And Testosterone Levels. No surprises. A few years ago there was a controversy with a manager at a hedge fund demanding his subordinates take estrogen supplements. Lies, damn lies and Chinese science. ".... what we witness in today’s China is the way in which science – upheld since the early 20th century as the cornerstone of Chinese development – is repeatedly stymied by ideology, superstition, bureaucratic thinking and fear of dissent. This is a frightening situation." Looks like nothing has changed since the days of Cixi!

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