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The Sciences



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Everyone is having their fun with Conservapedia, a rightward-tilting alternative to Wikipedia that aims to ensure that future generations of conservatives grow up really dumb. A mildly-close look reveals that the major biases of Wikipedia that made this new project worth launching are (1) their insistence in using "CE" (Common Era) rather than "AD" (Anno Domini) in giving dates, and (2) the occasional Anglicized spelling. For some great examples of the way self-professed conservatives view the world, see Jon Swift, or a roundup of sciencey responses by Mark Chu-Carroll. Here are my personal favorites, after five minutes of clicking around. Links to specific versions, as they keep changing, of course. But these look sincere, not the result of vandalism by naughty liberals!

  • Atheism Atheism is the disbelief in the existence of any supernatural deity. This disbelief can take a number of forms, such as the assertion that deities do not exist, or the absence of any belief in any deity. Stalin and Richard Dawkins are prominent atheists. Dawkins wrote a book, called "The God Delusion". Stalin is now dead, having killed millions of people in the name of Marxis-Leninism (which is predicated on atheism). Since atheists have no God, as a philosophical framework atheism simply provides no logical basis for any moral standard. They live their lives according to the rule that "anything goes". In recent years, this has led to a large rise in crime[1], drug use, pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy,[2] pedophilia[3] and bestiality.

The road from atheism to bestiality is shorter than you think!

  • Stalin Josef Stalin was an atheist communist Russian dictator during World War II. He was defeated by Adolf Hitler, despite Hitler also being an atheist.

That's the entire entry. I can't decide which is more amusing -- the amazement that one atheist could defeat another in battle, or the judgment that Hitler defeated Stalin.

  • Albert Einstein Einstein's work had nothing to do with the development of the atomic bomb. Nothing useful has even been built based on the theory of relativity. Only one Nobel Prize (in 1993 and not to Einstein) has ever been given that even remotely relates to the theory of relativity. Many things predicted by the theory of relativity, such as gravitons, have never been found despite much searching for them. Many observed phenomenon, such as the bending of light passing near the sun or the advance of the perihelion in the orbit of Mercury, can be also predicted by Newton's theory.

Can't make this stuff up.

  • Anything Goes "Anything Goes" is the title of a 1934 musical production written by Cole Porter. Popular songs from the musical include "You're the Top," "I Get a Kick Out of You," and "Anything Goes." Because Porter was a homosexual, we can conclude that 'anything goes' was also his philosophy of life. Many atheists have adopted the song as a description of their "moral" code.

Getting the message yet?

  • Sex 1. The process by which offspring are conceived. 2. Another term for gender.

Again, that's the entire entry. But it says so much, don't you think?

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