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Best of Citizen Science Salon Blogs in 2015

Citizen Science Salon iconCitizen Science Salon
By Arvind Suresh (Editor)
Dec 31, 2015 9:59 PMNov 20, 2019 1:29 AM


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As we jump into a promising new year, we'd like to give a tip of the cap to all the amazing contributors who've made the Citizen Science Salon on Discover Magazine one of the best places to learn about and engage in citizen science. Here are the 10 most popular articles that we published on this blog in 2015, just in time to add them to your weekend reading list. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

National Geographic

Finding our origins: The Genographic Project uses genetics to map the past

Carolyn Graybeal

Have you ever tried tracing back your family tree only to get stuck at great great Grandpa Jim? Are you curious about...read more

Kristin Butler

Does Your Personality Affect Your Dog? Here's How You Can Find Out

Kristin Butler

When I adopted my dog Kia from a puppy rescue center three years ago, I became a member of a growing sub-culture...read more

Pat Dumas/Flickr

The Next Big Drug Discovery Could Come From a Scoop of Soil in Your Backyard

Robert Cichewicz

Do you remember what is was like to be five years old? I don't, but I get a pretty good idea from watching my children...read more


Coop's Scoop: Citizen science to study your dog, because your dog studies you

Caren Cooper

Thank you, Lassie for saving my life! And thank you Rover, Spot, Fido, Benji, and Snoopy. We can all shout this refrain...read more


Nanocrafter: Playing a Game of Synthetic Biology

Carolyn Graybeal

On its surface, it looks like just another science puzzle game. In reality, the game is part of a broader... read more

NOVA Cybersecurity Lab

Playing It Safe Online: NOVA Cybersecurity Lab Trains You to Carefully Navigate the Web

Carolyn Graybeal

With our ever-increasing connectivity and reliance on the internet, cybersecurity is a growing... read more

Counter Culture Labs

DIYBio and Open Science Changed My Life (And Could Change Yours)

Milo Toor

I have two families. There's the one with two parents and two sisters, with whom I share DNA and have Thanksgiving dinner...read more


Divers Attempt to Solve Mystery of Sevengill Shark Sightings on the Pacific Coast

Ian Vorster

The first thing the divers noticed upon reaching the bottom was that there were absolutely no... read more

Cichewicz Lab

Making Medicines from Soil: Going Behind the Scenes of a Citizen Science Project

Robert Cichewicz

For millennia, our ancestors turned to the Earth as a source of healing agents to address all manner of illness... read more

Wendy Caldwell

Citizen Scientist Breaks New Ground In Monarch Research

Eva Lewandowski

Gayle Steffy's fascination with butterflies started when she was thirteen. She found her first monarch caterpillar, brought it home... read more

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