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An Earthquake Of Another Sort Rocks My House.

The Intersection
By The Intersection
Aug 25, 2011 7:42 PMNov 19, 2019 9:42 PM


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This is a guest post by Jamie L. Vernon, Ph.D., a research scientist, policy analyst and science communications strategist, who encourages the scientific community to get engaged in the policy-making process I woke up this morning to an unexpected jolt, and I don't mean another earthquake shake. Nope, this was a little more invigorating. It seems PZ Myers didn't like my post about Richard Dawkins and he has decided to turn me into a pinata. I rather enjoyed his piece. He makes some interesting and entertaining points (some well-founded, some...not so much). I don't mind taking some heat for my opinions. We all know it's part of being a blogger, right? I've always been amazed by the mob that he unleashes on unsuspecting religious fanatics. They are quite effective at taking down their prey. I wish I had been given more notice, I would have at least done my hair and makeup before the party. I sincerely welcome all the new commenters to The Intersection. I hope Chris doesn't mind that I'm wrecking his house while he's away. If you don't know Mr. Myers, he's an atheist blogger who takes a zero tolerance stance against religion. Personally, I think he's an entertaining character, sort of like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity...Ed Schulz, even. To me, what he does is entertainment, not science communication, but that's another story. It's a story I'll try to come back to later. Today, I have to do some science and I really don't have time for a cage match with the Pharyngulites. But, don't worry folks, I'm here and I'm listening. If you get unruly, though, I'll have to put you in time out. What?! It works for my 2 year old. If we all step back and take a deep breath, we might be able to have a conversation. We might actually learn something from one another. After all, we speak the same language. Yelling is not a more effective way to make your point. After I do some work, perhaps I'll have some time to share my thoughts and I'll listen to yours, Mr. Myers and Pharyngulites. Even with our differences, I know we're on the same team. In the meantime, take a look at this video, and I think you'll get my point: Follow Jamie Vernon on Twitter, Google+ or read his occasional blog posts at “American SciCo.”

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