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A commenter nails the antivax mindset

Bad AstronomyBy Phil PlaitFeb 6, 2010 1:00 PM


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I don't usually do this, but TechyDad left such a great comment on my post about the antics of antivax founder Andrew Wakefield, I have to reproduce it here for all to see. Talking about the inherent contradictions and cherry-picking that go on in the alt-med purveyors' heads, TechyDad says:

Gotta love the disconnect. If pharmaceutical companies make any money off of vaccines, it’s "Big Pharma’s injecting us with chemicals to make money!!!" Now if a homeopath or an "alternative therapy" company makes money off of their "treatment" it’s “They’re such wonderful people helping to treat these awful conditions!” If a single batch of a single vaccine is recalled for a tiny problem they shout "See!!??? Big Pharma’s trying to pump us full of unsafe toxins!!!!" If a company comes out with an outrageous sounding "alternative therapy" for some disease, they say "They say it works right here. It’s alternative and alternative is always good." If a homeopath says Treatment X doesn’t work they say "It must not work because he’s a homeopath and thus is fighting against the Medical Establishment." If a physician says Treatment Y doesn’t work they say "It must work and the Medical Establishment is suppressing it." In other words, they’re right, science is wrong and all evidence will be cherry picked and skewed until their view is supported.

Nailed it in one. Reproduced here with permission from TechyDad.

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