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Shoot it, Blend it, Burn it: 3 Ways to Destroy Your iPhone 4

By Joseph Calamia
Jun 29, 2010 9:59 PMNov 20, 2019 5:24 AM


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Perhaps you think Steve exaggerated the resolution of the band new iPhone 4. Perhaps you're peeved that the phone's reception can disappear, depending on how you hold it. Perhaps you're afraid of dropping it and shattering its sleek face. Perhaps you just want to know: Will it blend? We showed the (successful) attempt to blend the iPad in April. Now the blender company Blendtec--which has also destroyed glow-sticks and various Guitar Hero iterations--has tried the same with Apple's newest toy: Mmm...black powder, cameos, and not-so-subtle references to Gizmodo. Those with a flare for the dramatic might prefer to scorch their iPhone using a 64-inch Fresnel lens, as shown on the blog DVICE. Too impatient for blending or burning? This video, seen on The Telegraph website, shows what happens when iPhone 4 meets sniper rifle. Now it's time to go home and hug your iPad. Related content: Discoblog: Will The iPad Blend? Watch and Find Out. Discoblog: So, a Guy Walks Into a Bar… and Discovers Apple’s Latest iPhone Bad Astronomy: Resolving the iPhone resolution 80beats: The iPhone 4: Snappy Visuals and Shiny New Video Chats Discoblog: Weird iPhone Apps (our growing compendium of the oddest apps out there)

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