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How To Build A Computer Inside a Deceased Beaver

By Brett Israel
Oct 1, 2009 7:53 PMNov 20, 2019 12:56 AM


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Finally, a way to combine our love of taxidermy with our love of technology. From Kottke.org:

Fearing that the natural world is being replaced by technology, the artist [Kasey McMahon] installed a working computer inside of an idle beaver. First, she crafted a computer from the motherboard up, tested it, then hollowed out a stuffed beaver and molded the two together using spandex spray, resin, and fiberglass. After three months of work, the result was Compubeaver...

Yes, it's an actual working computer inside a stuffed beaver. And you too can build one in 29 easy steps! Also, don't miss Compubeaver's sidekick, Text-O-Possum, which comes equipped with a laser in it's back leg that projects an image of a keyboard. So it doesn't actually text, you say? Well that doesn't matter, since carrying this thing around will ensure that no one wants to talk to you. Related Content: Discoblog: Man Boots Memories From Brain Straight to Computer Discoblog: Computer Program Can “Out” Gay Facebook Users Discoblog: Tweet Your Prayers, Google Your Ancient Texts

Image: Psycho Girlfriend

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