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Tom Bethell on Evolution: Some Choice Quotes

The IntersectionBy Chris MooneyJun 16, 2006 9:34 AM


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Okay, here's round two of Bethell mania. Once again, I'm going to post several brief excerpts from his arguments (this time on evolution), and let you respond to them--thereby helping me out with my debate prep. You did a stellar job with global warming, so I expect no less this time around! Here goes:

1. In the evolutionist worldview, life on earth evolved from inanimate matter over a long period as a result of random events. If it really is true that all creatures great and small appeared on earth in this fashion, then we have no reason to believe that life is anything other than a cosmic accident, purposeless and pointless. (p. 200) 2. Logically, no criterion of fitness can be identified that is independent of survival itself. In the end, Darwin's theory of natural selection boils down to the bare claim that some organisms leave more offspring than others. (p. 207) 3. Even when there is a congruent pattern of similarities in different groups, as in the forelimbs of bat, porpoises, and human, and biologists attribute that similarity to common descent, they are guessing. Not only do we not possess the unbroken chain of fossils leading back to that shared ancestor, but we have hardly any links in the chain. (p. 222)


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