Planet Earth

The Bactrian Hoard Is Back

Dazzling treasure from the nomads of ancient Afghanistan.


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These gold triangles may have been sewn onto clothing as a decoration.

Bracelets depicting antelope heads with fierce expressions.

This dagger hilt, found in the grave of a man, features a type of Siberian bear.

An Indian coin depicting a lion attests to the trade along the Silk Road, 1st century, gold.

Earrings like these were found in even the most modest of the burials.

An elaborate necklace inlaid with semiprecious stones.

A collapsible crown made of gold and studded with flowers and semiprecious jewels.

A figurine called "Bactrian Aphrodite," 1st century, gold.

Small gold figurines found in the Bactrian hoard.

A gold coin attests to the cultural and trade exchanges that once occurred along the Silk Road.

A pendant known as "The King and the Dragons," 1st century, gold, turquoise, garnet, and lapis lazuli

Gold flowers adorned with pearls worn as decoration by the Bactrian nomads.

People riding fish inlaid with semiprecious stones.

A flexible gold decoration.

One of the medallions from a gold necklace.

A gold necklace with intricate depictions of animals.

A delicate gold ibex figurine.

Sheath decorated with a scene of animals fighting, 1st century, wood, leather, gold, and turquoise.

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