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Thank God the Creationists Haven't Learned Anything

The IntersectionBy Chris MooneyJan 16, 2006 12:31 PM


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I was watching CNN the other day, and saw a segment they had on the latest "intelligent design" case out of California (no link available). My impression? Whew: We're going to win this one easily if it goes to trial, because once again, the creationists aren't smart enough to cover their tracks. It was like Bill Buckingham and Alan Bonsell all over again. I went to Lexis-Nexis this morning to get the CNN segment transcript. In particular, CNN interviewed, on the air, a kid who had taken the notorious "philosophy" class that is at the center of the dispute. Wisely, CNN asked the twirp what he had learned. Here's how the exchange went:

SIMON [CNN Reporter]: Senior Sam Alexander would be devastated if the course went away.

What have you learned?

SAM ALEXANDER, STUDENT: I've learned that evolution has become, over the years, more and more -- more and more people decide that it's not completely true and that there has to be another belief or another thing that replaces it.

SIMON: And what is that?

ALEXANDER: That is an intelligent designer.

SIMON: Meaning God?

ALEXANDER: Yes, God, the Christian God who created earth in 6 days. This video footage sure will be useful in court, no? We now know from a student who took the course that its effect was to denigrate evolution, and moreover, to indulge the fallacy that Judge Jones noted in the Dover case: If evolution is wrong, creationism must be true.

Moreover, on top of that, we know that for at least one student in the course, "intelligent design" is only the thinnest disguise for young-Earth creationism. This is completely devastating to any legal defense of this particular class in court.

Young Sam Alexander has been quite the little Judas, hasn't he?

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