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Gene Expression
By Razib Khan
Feb 13, 2013 8:04 AMMay 17, 2019 8:44 PM


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As some of you may have noticed, Neuroskeptic has joined Discover. I am rather pleased. There will be others soon enough.

Chris Chabris has a blog. I reviewed his book The Invisible Gorilla a few years back. Here's one thing I would say about Chabris: I read him very closely, because he is very careful. And I've been doing so since the late 1990s, when I first encountered his writing.

Ruling Islamists, Under Attack, Reject Blame for Tunisia’s Woes. Tunisia was, in my pinion, the Arab Spring's first best hope.

Paper: Men and Women Are From Earth: Examining the Latent Structure of Gender. Most people who believe that there are differences between groups, who are not totally stupid, don't conjecture that they are categorical and dichotomous classes. Men are taller than women in a pragmatic sense does no entail that all men are taller than women.

DIY biotech spreads to community. In many ways I think "DIY" is going to become a buzzword with less meaning in the near future. With the proliferation of information appliances we'll do lots of things ourselves, bu we won't be amateur about it.

Fears of the Future Haunt a Budding Generation of Afghan Strivers. American economic stimulus driven by taxation causes prosperity somewhere.

Isotopic data show farming arrived in Europe with migrants. We need to be careful of projecting two exclusionary models.

Inside China’s Genome Factory. BGI may have great publicists, but I suspect to a large extent they are the real deal.

Honey Boo Boo’s Mom is Actually Doing Something Smart with Her Reality Show Money.

Zen Groups Distressed by Accusations Against Teacher. One of the most annoying thing about sincere and zealous "spiritual seekers" and they often end up worshiping "teachers" in a cult-like manner. Call me an old fashioned Whig, but true wisdom isn't found in ancient books or over confident charlatans.

The Dice Are Rolling on Dell’s Legacy. There are no eternal winners in capitalism.

God Made A Factory Farmer.

When E-Mail Turns From Delight to Deluge. Facebook has siphoned off a lot of the inter-personal email.

Michael Bloomberg, Tireless Champion of Civil Liberties. Yes. You read that right.

Why Are There So Few Vegetarians? I found out about these stats a few years ago.

uBiome. I think I'm in.

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