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Scientists finally find a (delicious) cure for the common cold: french fries!

Seriously, Science?
By Seriously Science
Apr 1, 2016 3:00 PMNov 20, 2019 4:03 AM


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Photo: flickr/Uri ToursWe're big fans of french fries here at SS, so we were very excited to discover this recent study that found a link between french fry consumption and rhinoviruses (aka the common cold). Be sure to check out Figure 1 (below) for an especially yummy result!Consumption of acrylamide from french fries is protective against rhinovirus infection French fries and other fried foods contain acrylamide, a chemical byproduct produced by cooking foods at high temperatures and for long periods of time. Studies in rodent models have found that acrylamide exposure is associated with a risk for several types of cancer. However, studies in humans are incomplete, and other physiological effects of acrylamide exposure have not been investigated. Here, we demonstrate that individuals who consume large quantities of french fries (>20 servings per week) are less likely to be infected with rhinoviruses over the course of a year. Furthermore, mice fed acrylamide derived from french fries are protected from experimental infection. Read more »

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