Anniversary! 200 posts and counting...

Not Exactly Rocket Science
By Ed Yong
Mar 13, 2008 12:24 AMNov 5, 2019 2:17 AM


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Nineteen months ago, I wrote my first article for this blog and yesterday, I wrote my 200th. It continues to be a fantastically rewarding experience. I think that it's made me a better (or at the very least, a more careful) writer and most importantly, it's given me a way of keeping up with the awesome research that comes out on an almost daily basis. I'm not usually that good at keeping up with new hobbies and I think sticking with this one for a comparatively long time is testament to how enjoyable it is. On any typical day, there's a small pile of papers on the left side of my desk that I'm dying to write about and, if anything, there's never enough time to cover everything I want to. Hopefully, the steadily growing site traffic means that you lot are getting something out of it too. I'm enormously grateful to everyone who's read and supported the blog since its original inception at WordPress and heartily welcome any new readers who've signed up since the move to ScienceBlogs. I'm adamant about sticking to the original mission statement in these new surroundings and so far, I'm loving the insightful comments people have left behind and the added motivation to write more posts. Hope to see you all at the 300 mark. If you want to check out the last 200, they're all listed in the back-catalogue. E

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