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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a product, book, film, or television series that I’d like Discover to review, or have made a scientific breakthrough I’d like Discover to cover.

Book catalogs, sub rights guides, and review copies should be mailed to:

Elisa Neckar Discover Magazine 21027 Crossroads Circle Waukesha, WI 53186

Alternatively they can be sent electronically to, though we prefer hard copies to digital copies. Press releases should be sent to Due to the overwhelming volume of press releases we receive daily, we regret that we cannot provide a personal response to each release sent to us.

Q: I have a question about an illness from which someone I know (or I myself) suffers. We’re sorry, but Discover’s writers and editors cannot advise you on medical matters – even those we’ve written about.  Rather, we urge you to bring your questions to your own doctor or medical professional.

Q: I have an opinion about an article or recent issue of Discover that I’d like to share. We love to hear from our readers!  Please email to write to the editors, or send to:

Discover Magazine 21027 Crossroads Circle Waukesha, WI 53186.

Please include your name, hometown and state, and email address. Unless your communication specifically requests otherwise, any letter or email sent to us may potentially be included in the mail page of Discover. Letters/emails may be edited for length or clarity before being run, but we will never make changes that affect the content or intent of your letter.

Q: I’m looking for a copy of an article that ran in Discover. Please start by searching our article archive. If you cannot find the article online, please take the following steps:

  • Do you know the issue of the article you’re searching for? If so, you may be able to order a back issue copy through our online store. Inventory is limited for older, out-of-print issues, but if you are looking for a copy of just one article, not an entire issue, you may contact or (800) 533-6644 to receive a photocopy.

  • If you don’t know the title, author, and/or issue of the article you’re searching for, write to us using our online contact form. The more details about the story you are able to provide, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to help you with your request. Searching our indices and archives for articles can be a slow process, so we appreciate your patience; we also recommend utilizing the services of your local library.

Q: I need to get in touch with the author of an article that ran in Discover. Sorry, but we do not give personal contact information for our authors and contributors. You may contact us via email at, and we’ll forward your email to the appropriate author. As many of our authors are freelancers, we are not necessarily aware of their schedules or availability, and therefore cannot guarantee a response on their behalf.

Q: I’d like to advertise with Discover, or would like advertising information. Please visit our advertising page for the latest rates, opportunities, and a representative in your area.

Q: I need reprint rights for an article from Discover. Content on and in the print magazine is copyrighted, and cannot be used without permission. It is unlawful to share or distribute copyrighted materials in any way, including via PDF, posting online, or creating hard copies for others. Requests to repurpose material from Discover or to obtain reprints should be directed to PARS International.

Q: I’m a science journalist and would like to pitch an article. Please send pitches to Include a few strong clips; do not send full articles until requested. Additional pitch guidelines are available upon request.

Q: I emailed you, but you never responded. We make every effort to answer as many of the emails we receive as possible, but be patient – our workloads sometimes mean that it will be several weeks before we can respond.

We receive literally hundreds of emails daily.  We appreciate your understanding that occasionally, sheer volume prevents us from sending personal responses to each email; please know that we do read every email and letter and consider your ideas and opinions.

Q: Are you hiring? Are you accepting applications for interns? Job opportunities at Discover will be posted on our parent company’s website at We are not currently hiring interns; if internships become available in the future, notices for those positions will be posted on Kalmbach Media Co.’s website as well.

Q: Stop calling me and/or sending me renewal notices! Unfortunately, Discover is one of many high-profile magazines suffering as result of magazine renewal scams, both via telephone and mailings. Mailings may promise savings, while they in fact charge more than Discover’s subscription rate. Phone calls may become verbally abusive in an attempt to get the subscriber’s credit card information.   Please understand that these companies operate without our permission, and we're as angry about it as you are. Customer service is a high priority to Discover, so we absolutely hate to have these people harassing current or former subscribers in our name! We send cease and desist letters and will continue to work to prevent future scams. In the meantime, your best option is to simply hang up if these scammers call, and always avoid giving out personal information; as a rule, be wary of third-party solicitations, or anyone who attempts to gather your personal data, credit card or bank account information. The safest way to subscribe or renew your subscription to Discover is through our website,, or by using a postcard that comes inside an issue of the magazine. Legitimate subscription mailings will always be addressed for return to our fulfillment center in Big Sandy, TX. If you feel you’ve been targeted, please report instances of harassment to our online customer service representatives via our online customer service center or by phone at (800) 829-9132. We appreciate your help!

Q: I have a science question for you. You’re in luck – in the September 2013 issue, we introduced a column called “Ask Discover,” which invites readers to send in their questions for our science experts to answer.  Send your questions to, and keep an eye on the Crux section of future issues to see if your question has been answered.

Q: I have an idea for a story or a topic I’d like to see you cover. We're always thrilled to hear our readers’ ideas for features, columns, and in-depth coverage in the magazine or online. Feel free to send your suggestions by contacting us at We cannot respond to every emailed suggestion we receive, but be assured we'll keep your ideas in mind as we plan the content for future issues of Discover.

Q: I can’t get the website and/or commenting system to work for me. If you need assistance logging onto the website, accessing subscriber-only content, accessing additional digital content, or commenting on articles, email or call (800) 533-6644.

Q: There’s a problem with my subscription: an issue arrived damaged, an issue never arrived, I need to renew, etc. To renew your subscription, pay your bill, change your mailing/email address, report a missing/damaged issue, or order back issues of the magazine, visit our online customer service center. You may also contact our customer service representatives by email at, or by phone at (800) 829-9132.