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The People's Climate March

By Keith Kloor
Sep 22, 2014 5:09 AMNov 19, 2019 11:59 PM


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Everything you need to know about today's climate march, in tweets.

Climate change march rolls through NYC and other events in 150 countries http://t.co/q5Y0uA7KiR@npr#climatechange#climatemarch — KQEDscience (@KQEDscience) September 21, 2014

The NYC turnout was huge.

.@foxnews on #PeoplesClimate : "March attracts more than 310,000 people" http://t.co/gwXpSOIEn6 — Eli Kintisch (@elikint) September 21, 2014

Amazing crowd shot of @Peoples_Climate March by @cynryan#PeoplesClimatepic.twitter.com/sWFXlMlBbJ — Brad Johnson (@climatebrad) September 21, 2014

Some historical perspective.

Environmental marches then (Earth Day, 1970) & now (#peoplesclimate) in @NYTimes. http://t.co/joIBwvW0qMpic.twitter.com/WiWBw10RH3 — Andy Revkin (@Revkin) September 21, 2014

There were lots of colorful banners.

View of #PEOPLESCLIMATE crowd in NYC. (Photo: Damon Winter/NYT) http://t.co/0ryL1qJXrFpic.twitter.com/04v3lpIRtP — NYT Science (@nytimesscience) September 21, 2014

Will this one truly be historic?

The #climatemarch is a global turning point, building on many years of @algore 's leadership. pic.twitter.com/nfST4tZm34 — Jeffrey D. Sachs (@JeffDSachs) September 21, 2014

Science was also on display.

The most data-dense demonstration sign I’ve ever seen. Tweeted by @PdeMenocalpic.twitter.com/ORj0I2hIGC — carlzimmer (@carlzimmer) September 21, 2014

There were some famous faces in the crowd.

Ban Ki Moon, Al Gore et les ministres francais @laurentfabius et @RoyalSegolene marchent pour le climat a New York. pic.twitter.com/zAnOfgehC5 — Géraldine Woessner (@GeWoessner) September 21, 2014

And celebrities, too.

Gallery of some of the famous folks who joined the #nycclimatemarchhttp://t.co/UGR7maqSSHpic.twitter.com/8G6ScmZMH6 — Andrew Freedman (@afreedma) September 21, 2014

The media has a vantage point.

Double-decker bus doubles as a press box #peoplesclimatepic.twitter.com/6fC7rdnYCD — Tim McDonnell (@timmcdonnell) September 21, 2014

Every movement has agenda-driven opportunists climbing aboard its bandwagon.

I thought the #climatemarch was about the climate? pic.twitter.com/QSLjtcnWdT — Galileo Movement (@GalileoMovement) September 21, 2014

Those snickering at today's event will themselves be mocked one day, says one journalist.

I'm not a march kind of guy but history is going to laugh at these deniers slagging the #climatemarch. http://t.co/h5ZOkdJBlA — Michael Grunwald (@MikeGrunwald) September 21, 2014

Yeah, this is something to consider.

Another pic from the #peoplesclimate march: Times Square. Marchers against consumerism passing its very temple! pic.twitter.com/cetxLXS79j — Michael Liebreich (@MLiebreich) September 21, 2014

An Eco-pragmatist wags his finger.

Responsible advocates need to call out this kind of rubbish: "RT @Bill_Gerrard 'Capitalism has no solutions for climate' #peoplesclimate" — Teryn Norris (@TerynNorris) September 21, 2014

But I bet this was the dominant sentiment of most marchers.

Such an inspiring day. #PeoplesClimate — Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) September 21, 2014

There was some gloomy news, however.

predicted warming: as much as 10º F "which would likely be incompatible with human civilization in its current form" http://t.co/NtqXussGYO — John Schwartz — NYT (@jswatz) September 21, 2014

I suppose that prospect explains why all these people showed up today.

People's Climate March participant estimates in NYC: 310,000! This photo is my favorite of day #PeopleClimateMarchpic.twitter.com/dRlMrPsIiu — Nat Moss (@natmoss) September 21, 2014

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