Storm World, The Party, Part I

The Intersection
By Chris Mooney
Jul 15, 2007 7:57 AMNov 5, 2019 10:17 AM


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Sheril has already posted a recent picture of us featuring me in my trusty black Banana Republic shirt, comfortably toting a beer. It's the same shirt I've been wearing pretty much every night on my book tour, since I haven't had any luggage and, therefore, any other options. This sartorial detail is mentioned by way of full disclosure: When you survey the pictures below--taken at the Seed-sponsored Storm World book party in NYC last Tuesday and finally posted here--be forewarned that it might appear that, like some cartoon character, I never change clothes. Let me also acknowledge at the outset that at least two prior blog posts have already gone up about this party, featuring very cool and very different pics that you should also check out. Jackie from Element List was there, and she captured much that I didn't. Ditto for Faith Black, who caught some shots of the after-partying, which involved myself, my brother, and Nisbet. That said, here's a sampling of party pics....

Here I am signing my book for more or less the first time. I was signing stupid get-thee-to-a-punnery-type things like "Here's hoping for a change in the (political) weather" and "Let's hope this book keeps us out of hot water." Groan. Believe me, I've come up with some better lines since then.

Here I am talking to Seed editor-in-chief Adam Bly and my old Yale teacher (now at Princeton) D. Graham Burnett, who hooked me on history and philosophy of science way back when.

P.S.: No less than three fellow Sciencebloggers were on hand for the party: Matt Nisbet, Jake Young, and GrrlScientist. The latter two I met for the very first time.....a true pleasure. P.P.S: I call this the Storm World party "Part I" because there's also gonna be one in D.C. later this month, and it will involve Pat O'Brien's style Hurricanes. Email me if you want to be invited....of course, I still have a lot of talks before then. Tomorrow, Tampa.....

And here I am with Gavin Schmidt of NASA and This is Gavin's second Mooney/Seed book party, and he shows no signs of tiring! The company's just too good....

Finally, witness a rare friendly moment between myself and Don Hoyt Gorman, who edits me for Seed. (Just kidding, Don, I love you even during my editorial tantrums.)

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