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Scoring Cheap Political Points

By Keith Kloor
Mar 18, 2011 12:57 AMNov 20, 2019 1:22 AM


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Rush Limbaugh is so indisputably noxious on a daily basis that one hardly needs to take anything he says out of context. Yet Christopher Mims at Grist has managed to do just that in this post, when he writes:

Rush Limbaugh is laughing at Japan's earthquake refugees.

Actually, Limbaugh started out mocking a Diane Sawyer clip at a refugee shelter, because she was marveling that the inhabitants were still recycling amidst all the devastation around them. Then he went on a sarcastic riff about how it seemed unfair that the people who invented the Prius were being punished by a vengeful "mother Gai." That's when he starts laughing at his own tasteless joke. Now it so happens that I agree with the Grist headline for the Mims post:

If Rush Limbaugh's heart fell out of his chest and into a bowl of raisins, you wouldn't spot it

As someone who admires a good headline, I have to say, that's freaking brilliant. Alas, Mims is not exactly an exemplar of good judgment to be calling out Limbaugh for insensitivity when it comes to exploitation of Japan's humanitarian tragedy for other purposes. So file this one under the Department of hypocrisy.

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